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Endangered Species 'Get Fighting Chance' with Climate Change Ruling


Endangered Species 'Get Fighting Chance' with Climate Change Ruling

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In a landmark ruling on Monday, an appeals court said federal authorities may list species as "threatened" based on climate change projections—a "huge victory" for animals that "shows the vital importance of the Endangered Species Act," environmental advocates said.

Big Oil and the state of Alaska had challenged a decision by the National Marine Fisheries Services to list a subspecies of seal as endangered due to eventual Arctic sea ice loss, arguing that the move was speculative, but the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decided that the agency had acted reasonably in doing so.


The intent of the fossil fuel industry was clear. Saving species is bad for business.


The Center for Biological Diversity is the best environmental group bar none. Their in the forefront of every issue {species, population, meat-eating, and on and on, with strong litigation and research components}. Also, they speak truth to power, eg., instead of thanking Pres Obama for Paris like the other big green groups did, CBD, told him it was woefully insufficient. They are worthy of support. Check out their webpage to see their breath and depth, and subscribe to their weekly newsletter.


Sure Matt let's all reduce ourselves to the lowest intellectual denominator like Trump wants us to do. Make things dumb and simple whenever possible. According to him and apparently you as well... Americans are too stupid to understand a concept such as destroying a species habitat will destroy that species. Playing that low brow or high profit denialism of global warming card is easy but beneath contempt.

Are we somehow incapable of understanding that destroying an endangered species habitat will result in destroying the species which is dependent on it? Trump thinks we are.

By the way... Scientism is not really a word nor a concept