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Endangered Species

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/24/endangered-species

Humankind must be considered the most fragile endangered species, as those who we put in governing positions, have not yet learned, how to be human or kind.


The ESA is no great shakes as an " act " but it does offer a weak backstop to protect something like 10-15% of endangered plants and animals. Pretty much what unbridled Capitalism does for the 10-15% of American citizens who have the wealth, luck or acguired skill set to survive the fancies, whims and needs of the 1% & its lethal weapon of choice, the Corporotocracy. With a big heaping, unhealthy spoonful of captured and corrupted gov’t., of course. Captured by The Uni- Party Consensus and a political asphyxiation apparutus called, for a lack of courage by the corrupt and captured MSM, The Duopoly.
Meanwhile, back at the fossil fuel, forestry and mining ranch, the " job creators " toast their good fortune at the election of the most vile people and administration the country has ever allowed into the White House. A dystopian menagerie of lunatics, bigots, misogynists, racists and small animal torturers. The biggest collection of low-rent scumbags, outside of Wall St., in the last 180 years of our very sketchy, twisted and lousy historical biography.
As to why even the poor and wretched of the world want to risk being further degraded by coming to the country who; along with the rest of the planet’s Corporate masters, are the primary reason for their misery in the first place, is beyond the reasoning powers of most. I imagine it’s because for 85-90% of the world’s population, the bloody writing is quite clearly written on their country’s crumbling walls.
To know that and come here must really suck. To not know that and come here must really suck, even more. And when they’re here long enough to learn American; discovering then the full and true meaning of the term " pure 1% bullshit ", then they will also learn what some random person means when he or she says, " well, that really, really sucks ".
No kidding.