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'Endangering Endangered Species Seems to Be the Family Hobby': Trump Jr. Denounced for Killing Rare Sheep in Mongolia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/12/endangering-endangered-species-seems-be-family-hobby-trump-jr-denounced-killing-rare

Though it’s not nearly so offensive, I’m also leery of the word “sport” being used to describe “extreme” mountain-climbing stunts, a trend which gets a big boost from greenish sources (like National Geographic). My whole life culminates in nothing more sumptuous than the opportunity to commune on a wildland trail, to reconnect just a little bit.

Alternatively, we get these climbing gyms teaching people to regard mountains as some kind of goddam equipment. It’s so sickening. I know it doesn’t wreak as much damage to other creatures, but the damage to the climber’s soul seems inestimably pathetic to me.



Well. remember lots of things float to the top----- turds float too! That pretty much encapsulates the value of the Trumps!


If the little rat bastard trumpy jr, set foot in Michigan to knock off any of the assorted big game animals, without license, legal to hunt with a license during open season, even small game like squirrels or turkeys without a license, he’d be hunted down by the State Conservation officers, and the courts would apply an applicable fine and jail sentence. Animals like wolves or Bald Eagles with super Federal protection, would require a Federal fine and extended jail term if the perp was discovered and caught. So how does pop-gun jr, get a sanctioned pass to escape prosecution from his illegal act on an endangered species in Mongolia?

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Wish they would invite Cheney on a hunt or two.


This family has successfully shown to the world that they can do whatever they want to.

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If he at least planned to eat the animal it would be a tiny bit less upsetting, but I imagine he and his extended family would never do that. Like most, they want their food as abstractly sourced as possible. Nope, he is demonstrating his power, probably because it is difficult with a father like his to ever be comfortable in his shoes.

MCH, maybe back off the hatred stuff a bit, that stuff can really damage a good soul. Just my opinion and a bit of friendly advice…

The BOY is obviously an Ignorant Barbarian who was never taught the the Joy and Satisfaction of Studying Rare and Magnificent Animals in the Wild.

I spent 2 years “Hunting” Wildlife throughout numerous National Parks in Africa, with a Camera.

There is nothing quite like the thrill of being able to get close enough to a Wild Animal to Photograph their Eye Lashes and study their behavior in the Wild.

Shooting and Killing the magnificent Animals I photographed for a Travelog for Eastman Kodak would have been much easier than getting a Closeup of their beautiful Eye Lashes and admiring for endless hours how they raised their offspring.

What is the purpose of Killing an Impressive Splendid Creature in the Wild?

It makes me sick to see the smirk on the face of an ignoramus who just senselessly ended the Life of a Beautiful Inhabitant of Planet Earth.


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