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Ende Gelände: 'When Laws Fail, It Is time for Blockades!'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/02/ende-gelande-when-laws-fail-it-time-blockades

Wow, Germany is also taking a Trump approach, by calling non violent demonstrations, in this case by Ende Gelande, against fossil fuel industries, as far left extremists. I guess environmental destruction is in the G-7’s itinerary no matter what they may say to the contrary.


The only law that never fails is the Golden Rule. It should be our common measure always and everywhere. We need to require that all who govern follow this universal principle from throughout all time. Then we would not create such narrow and self-serving laws. There is a petition on the Golden Rule Project website that billions could sign. What if that happened? Personally, I think it would add strength to all who are doing good work for each other and our planet.


When laws fail, it’s time to find new lawmakers.

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Unfortunately, we ARE operating under the “Golden Rule” - as in, “Those Who Have the Gold, Make the Rules”.

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The Brandenburg (Berlin) Parliament has approved the sale of a ‘wooded’ 45hectar piece of land for $45million to Tesla owner Elon Musk to build his Gigafactory 4 there. The wooded area is ‘ecologically sensitive’ with endangered species having to be relocated - which Musk promised to do along with ‘planting many more new trees elsewhere.’
Protesters also pointed out the amount of 372 cubic meter/hour (drinking) water the Gigafactory would use.
Despite the protests the sale of the land has been finalized.
Ain’t Capitalism great…?

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