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Ending Palestinian Statehood as ‘Path’ to Palestinian Statehood

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/01/ending-palestinian-statehood-path-palestinian-statehood


The treatment of Palestinians and the denial of Israelis to treat Palestinians as “equal citizens”, is one of the great failures of Warren. Though Warren has shown that she has also been a victim of right wing think tanks when it comes to the misinformation the MSM has delivered from Venezuela to Bolivia recently, Warren has lost her opportunity to educate herself about these U.S. sponsored humanitarian crisis. This is why it is upsetting to see Warren described as a “Progressive” because the Progressive position doesn’t to just centre around reigning in corporate abuse of our government, but also about corporate imperialism and the stinking rot it has fuelled for decades.
I feel therefore that Sanders can not even consider Warren as either a V.P. candidate or a position such as Secretary of State. Tulsi and Yang are much better suited to be in line for these critical appointments. A Progressive caucus needs a progressive manifesto that outlines the basic principles of social equity and justice that we all desire. This could be a self evident litmus test so that candidates can identify themselves as either corporatists or socialists and prevent people from appearing that they’re “sitting on the fence” in these crucial areas of policy.
One of the most basic tenets of a progressive movement is to end apartheid in all of its ugly forms … beginning in Palestine.


Looks more like plans for a second open air prison than a plan for peace


Josh, good to remind us of the voice of Winston Smith (Orwell’s, 1984);
that words do matter, for as long as corporate media can call it a “peace plan”
when in truth it’s a war plan; then any and all resistance to Israeli/U.S. apartheid
is terrorist violence; that justifies Israeli/U.S murder of Palestinians–as a just cause
for peace of course.

For a very long time there has been a category of “progressiveness” that only allows for a subset of progression. In this case, she is a PEP. Progressive Except for Palestine. There are other versions of quasi-progressive (quisling progressive?), but from my experience this one has existed the longest without being exposed for what it is. Carter was the first I know of that tried when he was president to find, fix, and expose the truth. There may have been others, but in my lifetime, he was the first.