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Ending Rules to Curb 'Silent, Tasteless Killer,' Pruitt Makes It Easier for Polluters to Poison Nation's Water


Ending Rules to Curb 'Silent, Tasteless Killer,' Pruitt Makes It Easier for Polluters to Poison Nation's Water

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Environmental groups lashed out Friday against the Environmental Protection Agency's industry-friendly proposal to roll back safeguards for the disposal of coal ash—a toxic by-product from coal plants that sits in pits at over 1,000 sites across the nation.


Ooops, my bad. I read the words “silent tasteless killer” and thought it was an article about Clarence Thomas.


Someone needs to fund several Investigate Journalists to research where these Corporate Polluters and their Bought and Paid for Politicians who support them, get “their” water from, and what steps they take to protect themselves and their families from drinking toxic water.


Does the anti-abortion wing of this administration who fancy themselves “pro-life” consider this rape and destruction of the land, water and air “pro-life”?


Most are not really pro-life, just pro-birth. They have proven time and time again, once you’re born, you’re fair game. No matter how young, or how old, we are here for them to pick our bones clean.


B-b-but wasn’t the Obama Administration the worst enemy of the environment ever, and Trump would only be an improvement?


There was the fluorine put in the water way back when, because the aluminum companies needs something to do with their toxic fluoride byproduct.
There was the toxic mercury put in our teeth to chew on because, um, it works. The ADA still can’t talk about it but at least they are using a somewhat less toxic metal in the fillings now.
There is the pesticide, the plastic, the antibiotics, the nuclear contaminants from seaside nuclear plants and nuclear submarines, all in our water

I really don’t see how a capitalist world, bent on producing all these things, is going to get its hands around reversing any of it.

Well, that is what hope is for.


Sounds like this was on Koch Bros. wish list … ???


If they hold off just a few more years, electric vehicles will take over.



For over Ten thousand years the First Nations peoples that lived on the lands in the picture in the article lived in harmony with the same. When Europeans first arrived they saw these new lands as a “Garden of Eden”. The forests were teeming with life, the rivers so clear one could drink from them, the lands bountiful. They described the peoples that lived there as “Healthy and well made and pleasing to the eye”.

After claiming this as a new “Garden of Eden” they then claimed that those that had been it’s stewards for those thousands of years were nothing more then savages and were “Godless heathens” and not deserved of this Blessing of God. They claimed themselves as the chosen and rightful owners of this new “Garden of Eden” and slaughtered the peoples that lived there to call those lands their own. They claimed this was all in the pursuit of “Freedom and Liberty” and then began to transform the lands into their own image because after all did not their holy book give them Dominion over the same?

Within a few centuries you can see how their vision of this Garden of Eden played out. That one picture reflects how I would envision a Hell over an Eden and if in fact those that would prefer the lands as they were before the arrival of the Chosen makes them " Godless heathen Savages" and opposed to “Freedom and Liberty” then count me among them.


PonyBoy, I recall some oil company exec. in Dallas that was vocal and very supportive of fracking. He was for fracking of course as long as he wasn’t adversely affected by it. He was one of Greg Abbott’s backers in favor of passing a law in Texas that would prohibit localities from enacting local ordinances prohibiting fracking within said communitie’s jurisdiction and the law passed. However that just applied to we the rabble of course. Another oil company announced they were going to begin fracking in his locale and you would think the world was coming to an end. This son uva bitch raised so much hell via radio announcements, newspaper ads, and local tv spots he eventually got the oil company doing the drilling to stop and give up. The rule for all these rich, pollution enabling politicians and just general rich filth is NIMBY. (You can feel free to fuck any of the commoners who work for a living over as much as you like but NOT ME. Not in my backyard!!!)


Don’t you mean the latest episode of “As the World Burns”? That’s what I figgered. Peace✌🏾


Hey, that Pruitt’s a can-do guy. Likewise Betsy DeVos at “Education.” Don picked his “Cabinet” quite well; most of them are “dismantling the administrative state,” exactly like we were told they would do. Good thing they have only three more years to finish their work.