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Ending the Democratic Blame Game


Ending the Democratic Blame Game

Peter Bloom

After months of intense media coverage and campaigning, the New York Democratic primary was finally held this week. It is not usual - for much of the country or even most of the State’s residents - to focus on a primary. Yet this year was different as it was the latest front in the battle between progressives and establishment Democrats. The result for both left much to love and much to be desired. The incumbent Andrew Cuomo rolled to a landslide victory against his challenger and former Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon.


Whenever our local dyed in the wool Democrats continue to insist that the likes of Sanders, Warren and other centrist Democrats are “unelectable” beyond a limited geographic area, I tell them that while centrist Democrats MAY be “unelectable”, center-right (charitable characterization) Democrats have proven they ARE “unelectable”.


O’Liar should be denied any forum whatsoever. He has been proven to be a lying, phony, corporate-owned piece of donkey dung!


Seems to me that we are more divided then ever. We will continue to be as long as half of progressives believe they can invoke change through the democratic party.


I made a promise to myself that my vote for Obama for his first term, would be the last “stupid” vote I would ever cast. Yes I wish CD would stop running his photo with these stories, the backstabber should be thrown to the waste heap of disappointing politics.


This article is just another in the constant loop of articles on progressives versus Democrats, but I think it’s silly. A lot of Democrats are progressive, a lot of establishment Democrats—is Tish James really establishment just because she endorsed Cuomo?—are progressives too. Hell, progressives were Republicans in the 1900s.

Cuomo basically beat an obviously inexperienced new politician with “Hollywood” baggage. Yet, progressive Democrats won other elections. The key is participating, then winning the general, then governing if you want progressive change. It takes all three, and forming a governing coalition in doing so, to make the last happen. New York is that much closer now.


I am proud to say that I saw through his “hopey-feeley” bullshit the first go 'round and voted Green.; Same the next time as well. Also voted Green after Bernie got robbed, which, I’m sorry to say, many more DID NOT do. Maybe we could have built the Greens into a truly viable party had FEAR not raised its ugly head during an election YET AGAIN!


Not sure that building or rebuilding a PARTY is the answer.

The corporations that control governments have a bottomless money stockpile that they can deploy to purchase any party that starts getting a lot of votes.

Voters need to be educated to despise parties and start voting for candidates, not parties.


“The real question for establishment Democrats is …, who else can they blame but themselves?”

Not to worry. I’m sure they’ll find another scapegoat. This is something – along with snatching defeat from the jaws of victory – that Democrats are reaaaally good at.


I have voted green after my “stupid attack” in Obumers first term. His speech about how we must move forward, not look backwards, signaling to all Bush era criminals they had nothing to fear, was when I realized I had been burned.
With the progressive prevention going on in the Dem party, I can’t envision a reason to ever go back, and like you wish the rest would figure that out.



This is in its early stages. The party is still dominated by its old guard of so-called “new” Democrats.

To be clear, criticism of the party from the left is no game. A supposedly progressive party that goes corporatist is worth less than a horse with a broken leg.

The victories of nominally socialist candidates is encouraging, but we’re going to need to see the pudding to get the proof. A bait-and-switch has over the last decades become the party’s primary modus operandi.

With each successive and each more dramatic betrayal comes a greater burden of proof.


To Obama, MFA is a new policy. Is there any clearer evidence of how easily he lies?

Just 9 years ago, on his pathway to delivering RomneyCare, he shut single payer advocates out of the conversation about healthcare reform.


RE:"…the so-called “progressive wave” was “not even a ripple.”"

Well, is Cuomo wrong about this? If there is a “blue wave” in the mid-terms, most of those new Dem candidates that might win are alumni of the National Security State and the military, not Berniecrats.


BINGO! How long will the democratic party continue to con so many well meaning, sophomoric… progressives?