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Ending the Ronald Reagan Lie


Yes. I’m unsure of the exact timeline. I believe industrial arts such as metal working, woodworking held out the longest. I remember by the mid 90’s school district industrial machinery auctions were common.


And Patti Davis would agree. What was the first thing she did when driving around and just heard RR won the election? pulled over and smoked a joint, not in celebration, but to medically calm her nerves.


Remember that Reagan entered the political scene publicly with his speech at the Repugs convention at the Cow Palace in SF in 1964. He later ran for governor of CA and won running on a platform that promised to spank those unruly and ungrateful children that were fighting against the war and for free speech and civil rights using flower power. He straight away started increasing the cost of higher education. He asked why he should finance those who were opposed to him and sent the National Guard to Berkeley to protect property from all us old hippies. We thought we were going to have a revolution of love and instead the frightened 1% struck back with all their power and we are where we are now. We should never forget that the 99% is so powerful to cause the 1% to panic.
i remember old ILWU longshoremen coming to demonstrations and advising us in strategy. We need to continue that tradition and advise and warn the young activists of what they might expect from the .01% and their mercenaries and minions in government.


Reagan like Thatcher had calcified brains well on their way to Alzheimers. They had lost the ability to process complex issues, if they ever had it. Thatcher had “There is no alternative” and forged ahead despite evidence and opposition. Regean had “Government is the problem” and did the same. They both had the economics of Milton Friedman that ignored all the social implications of public policy.
Trump is exhibiting all the same inflexible calcified thinking. He is also well on his way to Alzheimers and we will suffer because of it unless we rise up. He is incapable of change.


To open, the quote often attributed to Ron Reagan, "The nine most dreaded word in the English language are ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’ ", were spoken / written much earlier by Henry David Thoreau. You know, that guy who wrote an entire book titled ‘Civil Disobedience’ about his opposition to the Mexican War.

Oddly, Ron Reagan did such a popular job of ‘getting government off your back’ that Reagan and government (Reagan’s sort) became more popular during his administration.

Comments on earlier comments:

Presuming that Abraham Lincoln actually did say that, I observe that he didn’t much respect his own words, or ‘the revolutionary right of southern states’ to overthrow his authority.

Lumping in another comment,

I appreciate the right to shop around for a good surgeon, and I won’t object to the fee he charges. He has a right to charge according to his talents.
… BTW, that is one of the points where Single Payer Healthcare falls down. Just like you’ve got no assurance that your kid will get a good teacher at public school instead of an indifferent one, you’ve got no assurance that you will get a good surgeon at the public hospital instead of an indifferent one.


The high school (in Michigan) that I graduated from had a student body of over 2000. Old historic building with two gyms, a pool, indoor track, huge ornate auditorium that served as a meeting place for the whole community… two new wings were added in the late 60s… a huge gym, another pool, state of the art science, language and industrial arts facilities and a smaller auditorium with state of the art music facilities as well and a planetarium.

The district was historically integrated for most of its history, not without racial problems that were exacerbated as Detroit spread out to wrap around the city and many of the outlying neighborhoods were more white flight burbs of Detroit than neighborhoods of the city (which was nearly as old as Detroit with a very colorful history) It was one of the first schools to be impacted by privatization and school of choice. A test case. I continue to beleive that this was spurred on by the ruling class of the community that wished to segregate the school.

My graduation class was over 500 in 1972. This past year the graduating class was under 50. Much of the building sits empty and there are always rumors of closing it down. An integrated district (although to tell you the truth the high school was the most integrated school in th district due to long time segregated neighborhoods) that has been successfully segregated by school choice and cuts. I’ve had online conversations with current residents who would have attended that high school were it not for school of choice and they argue that the district was always all white until the 80s… YIKES! This school had its racial problems (including very few non white staff or teacehrs/adminstrators) but was cutting edge in other ways.


Why would you expect a grade B movie actor to make anything but a grade B president?