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Ending the Violence with Meaningful Solutions


Ending the Violence with Meaningful Solutions

Zoe Weil

I am a humane educator, a person dedicated to creating a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world through education. This past week’s killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and five Dallas police officers underscore the necessity of educating a generation of solutionaries who have the capacity and the will to prevent such violence from continuing into the future.


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There's no doubt that Education is a piece of the Renaissance Pie, nor that Zoe Weil lacks enthusiasm for her cause (and calling) as an educator.

I like what is shared here very much:

"What matters is that individually and collectively we engage in this systems-thinking, strategy-oriented, and solutions-focused process, and that we teach young people to do this in schools.

"What matters is that we resist simplistic either/or responses and avoid pursuing information that only reinforces our already-established beliefs, confirming our existing biases and preventing new and better ideas from taking root."

I looked at the Mind Map and found 2 things missing that should be part of the discussion.

One was religion. Since lots of Evangelical Christians are receiving the message that a major Middle East War is inevitable and/or God's Will, and being taught to hate and fear Muslims, religion deserves to be part of the discussion. (Ms. Weil's reaction to the church sign proves this point.)

Also made conspicuous by its absence was any mention of the grotesque muscle and money mainlined into the make-war state and its ongoing panoply of wars of aggression.

Wars abroad DO come home and that, along with the preponderance of guns on the streets (as well as in the hands of "law enforcement" that is not worthy of that responsibility over life and death) should be part and parcel to any discussions about domestic street violence.


There is no racism when there is economic equality.


There is something already in place that would stop this violence---its called the Bill of Rights. And these rights were just stepped on again by the supreme court---it was Justice Sotomayer who gave dissent and little outrage by the public. Just watch the show cops and see what has happened to the Bill of Rights.-----Police need a real reason to stop someone-and then only deal with that reason..your tail light is out ---they stop and tell you in a polite way your tail light is out----AND THAT SHOULD BE IT!--not the third degree---where are you coming from?---where are you going?--ever been convicted of a crime?Can we search the car?NO-------We live in a police state----these things are happening for a reason---the job of the police is to protect the wealthy.

And the whole issue of a weed being illegal????how brainwashed are we????


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