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Endless War Continues as Senate Kills Effort to Repeal 2001 Authorization


Endless War Continues as Senate Kills Effort to Repeal 2001 Authorization

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday killed an effort by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) to sunset the war authorizations that have been used for 16 years to justify ongoing military actions in regions around the globe.


Never mind that 9/11 was mainly caused by Saudi Arabian terrorists.

Vietnam was ended when the sovereign debt of the United States started being laughed at by bankers. The war continued just long enough for Richard Nixon to win election over the antiwar candidate, and then Nixon cut and run, signing a treaty that essentially said, “We’re getting out and you promise not to laugh in our faces.” The U.S. got out and saved lots of future money, the Khmer Rouge won and the North Vietnam Army won in South Vietnam. Then the U.S. struggled through a decade of stagflation. Somehow everybody blamed Jimmy Carter for the hard economic times.

The national debt clock is over $20 trillion now. The U.S. tried cheaping out on Iraq and Al Qaeda won. Right. We need a ten cent prophet to tell us what’s going to happen in Iraq in the future, in Afghanistan in the future, in Yemen in the future, in Libya in the future, in Syria in the future. How about, “We’re dead broke now, don’t laugh in our faces as we leave.”


We are not dead broke, taxes on the rich and corporations are at an all time low. They could not be lower if they were zero. Many in the S and P 500 get money back at tax time due to tax credits which means money given to them that were written into law by their lobbyists. Nonetheless tax money is wasted on the “Never Ending Tour Wars”. The wars benefit Wall Street, the NYT, the MIC, the congress and Israel. That is lots of power and money in favor of the “Never Ending Tour Wars”.

Even Bernie and Bill Maher are afraid of AIPAC and the MIC. No one dares criticize the useless wars. Try calling Obama a war criminal and see how the liberals and Diversities respond. The drone wars are creating terrorists every day and that’s on Obama. Disgusting.


John Mccain, My name is William Lawlor.I live in woodland Hills , Ca. I have five boys who will NEVER be used as fodder for your wars for Israel. You Sir, are a sick ----, a word I don’t like to use. Your version of militarism for the sake of hegemony is repulsive to all peace loving people. The deaths of people all over the world due to your mentality will be marked by historians as the disease of America. Force not diplomacy is the mindset of the ignorant and you ,unfortunately,for mankind have a voice in our senate. America is in no way exceptional. We are the purveyors of violence as MLK said so eloquently in 1967 in the Riverside church. Listen to his speech, Sen McCain and realize what you did to the Vietnamese. They did not attack America yet we slaughtered millions. Any thinking mother would NEVER sacrifice their sons for your twisted view of world affairs.


Sen. Claire " Claire Bear " McCaskill: Against Medicare-for-All and for Endless War. And, she’s called a Moderate Democrat. Huh?
So, a moderate likes killing people in the MENA and having large #s U.S.casualties sent home, but doesn’t support those families of disabled vets with quality, inexpensive ( reasonably ) medical care. Got it.
Now, we know what Moderate Democrat looks like and can be defined as.


So Congress abdicates their responsibility to declare war.
Leaving it all in the President’s hands.
And the President tells the Generals to do whatever is necessary.

"Ask any military mind what to do in the face of failure and they’ll tell you more troops and more guns and other arms and above all else more money and success will be assured. Without any consideration for the strategic implications."
Larry Wilkerson (paraphrased)


"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist."
President Dwight D. Eisenhower


Dear Paul K and all America. America and the CIA funded Al Qaeda and ISIS through Saudi Arabia and the Pakistani Intelligence Services to kill Russians in Afghanistan and destabilize the Soviet Union. This was done. 9-11 was not successful without government complicity. Vietnam was fought to control the heroin trade of the Golden Triangle. Kennedy was murdered by the CIA because he was going to stop the Vietnam War, corporate enrichment for our war machine and control selling heroin by the CIA and the mob. The World Bank launders it all. You think Americans are good. There has never been one good thing about American foreign policy. WE bomb the defneseless. DID you see the CIA burn the poppies. Sooooo, do you think maybe the CIA uses the heroin profits to fund Muslim extremists through the Pakistani Intelligence Services? Do you think the CIA murdered more than 40,000 Vietnamese in Operation Phoenix rounding them up as dissidents and killing them. America murders anyone on the planet because Americans still believe they have some ordained, divined manifest destiny to be the dumbest humans on Earth. Well Done!


I would like to see just who are the 61 who rejected the AUMF repeal, so I know who not to vote for. On domestic issues I have many disagreements with the Libertarians, but I must say that I fully support Senator Paul on Repeal of the Disastrous 2001 AUMF!


PaulK, if you believe 9/11 was mainly caused by Saudi Arabian terrorists, please do some research. A lot of facts are out there, you just have to look.


I’ll confess to falling for O’Bummer’s eloquent B.S. and voting for him in 2008.  When it was clear that NONE of the War Criminals who had lied to Congress – Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rummy, Yoo et al – were even going to face prosecution, much less be hanged as the traitors they are, nor any of the Wall Street Banksters even brought to trial, I wrote in “Bernie & 'Beth” in 2012.

But . . .  but . . .  Us 'Murikins are Chrischuns, and have a God-Given right to Dominion over the Whirled — just ask Ted Cruz, Betsy DeVos, Mike Pence & ‘Bo’ Sessions if’n thet ain’t so!!


There were clear and timely warnings to American leadership of 9/11. No matter where the blatant perpetrators were from, there is plenty of unowned responsibility at high levels of U.S. government. Prevention was a possibility, but was down a road not taken. These individuals know who they are, but given their mindset, I doubt they lose much sleep over their tragic inaction. I do not absolve them.


I totally agree with what you are saying in your post. America has an endless war in the Mideast on the other side of the planet, so how is that justified when it has run up our national debt by TRILLIONS of dollars? And of course the more precious non commodity, THE LIVES OF YOUR TROOPS CALLED INTO DUTY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET. What are the losses of lives from all of those places where our troops fought, their serious injuries and why does not ever really count in our national politics? . And that can be described as our young men and women swearing and oath to guard their country, So when does this country sign off on an oath to not waste their lives and lifetime disabilities of our troops? Nobody should be put through the same waste of lives of my generation in Vietnam, the taken for granted disabilities our vets have had to live with for a lifetime after service. .


Just as FDR sent the carriers to sea and then allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor to happen, so the Lying Son-of-a-Bush allowed 9-1-1 to occur.  The former might be forgiven as necessary to rouse an isolationist America to oppose Hitler’s Nazis, but the latter was only a thinly-veiled attempt by Multi-NaZional Korporations to take over Iraq’s oil while simultaneously enriching war-profiteers like Dirty Dick Cheney’s Halliburton and the rest of the M.I.C.


Rand Paul did his very best, but his “esteemed colleagues” are in the pocket of the MIC, just as Ike cautioned against.

This vote shows how deeply the Congress is in the pocket of the war machine. At the end of days, liberty dies to thunderous applause.


Not so at all, those guys were just sacrificial lambs. Can’t kill or threaten anyone with plastic forks and knives. Nothing the government is saying has made any sense neither logically nor scientifically. There were reports of people calling from their cell phones saying that the captain has no control of the plane. Why are so many Americans just sheepishly accepting the government’s lies as the Germans swallowed everything Hitler told them.


Totally True, any pol or person who supports amerikan imperialism is a war criminal! Fascist amerika has been slaughtering for empire since whites stepped on the shores!
Yet, there is a positive: the collapse of the still deadly empire is well underway; the sooner the better!


Love you man, you and courageous Americans like you are our true patriots. People like you will finally end those endless wars, just do what you are doing relentlessly.


Just look at the videos of WTC towers coming down and ask yourself this questions, why does this look exactly like a controlled demolition? There are thousands of holes in the government’s attempt to cover up what we can clearly see is not caused by the plane crash into WTC.


YES!!! I hate this Republican attitude that we are dead broke while giving the rich and super rich nauseating tax cuts, breaks, and loopholes. In short, rewarding their rich donors for voting for them. What has developed is a never ending war where we are spending trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of dollars on the other side of the planet. All because we are fixated on the other side of the planet for OIL.