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"Endless War Isn't Inevitable": House Votes to Stop Trump From Launching Unauthorized Attack on Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/12/endless-war-isnt-inevitable-house-votes-stop-trump-launching-unauthorized-attack

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I have to give credit where it’s due—a sign of resistance from “The Resistance” © is always welcome.


I hate to rain on everyone’s parade, but that vote funded the war machine by giving it another $730 BILLION that could be spent on schools, healthcare, climate crisis mitigation and a thousand other useful things. It’s literally lipstick on a pig that the Democrats, only 8 of whom voted against this monstrous bill, needed to smear on their foul deed of voting for it so they would look as if they’re doing something. This is not resistance, it’s complicity and appeasement. Oh and here’s another prediction: if Trump attacks Iran, scores of Dems will fall on their kneepads and accommodate him by voting for it.


What a difference even a few more liberals in Congress make –

Obviously, there are still 170 reps who need to be replaced.

If Trump should some how get re-elected, it is essential that we have a
House and Senate under liberal control.


This is good news, however insignificant financially. It seems a consensus has formed against the result of AUMF.

Perpetual war destroys society, both sides. The war on terror is a hoax of epic proportions, and the US Constitution has been assaulted in the process.


An exercise in futility.

We need to take control of the Senate and the White House if we want any of these edicts to become law or to control the rules.

Nice gesture anyway.


Yes. We’ll see what the Senate now does.

IF this (these?) amendment(s) to the National Defense Spending bill passes … and that’s not IMO highly likely, it will pose an interesting dilemma for Sanders, who has in recent years regularly voted against the always-bloated defense spending bill. The 2001 AUMF should be struck down in its entirety, one way or another.

yeah, but keys to the AUMF mobile just got confiscated by keener minds. It will take some time for the effects to kick in. Gotta start somewhere and somewhere is better than nowhere. Your point about dem behaviours is however well taken.

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Why does this story make it sound like this amendment that passed in the House is a success when by all accounts the Senate and House will remove it during the reconciliation process. Do you think the rethuglicans in the Senate will allow this amendment to stay in the final bill? I think it was a mistake to include it as an amendment to the NDAA which essentially forces all progressive Dems to vote for the NDAA.

Its a success in that the public made reps acknowledge that the AUMF is more than a little problematic. How the peace movement moves forward depends on a majority of the public staying engaged with continued critique, countering rhetoric and false flags, to propose, and to pass legislation. It also depends on linking up the ecological folks and forming alliances to succinctly reflect alternative engines and a rudder to turn the ship of state around to head in alternative directions.


The Democrats and progressives are learning what it means to be powerless. Money is power. That’s why Nancy Pelosi is House Speaker. Without money the Democrats and progressives are screwed. Good intentions and earnestness don’t cut it.
The Senate will block this under the truly venal and malevolent Mitch McConnell. Y’all need to focus pressure on Mitch McConnell.


“Endless war isn’t inevitable”. No, it isn’t but if you look at the reality of the Military Industrial Media Complex and its endless links to our government it becomes obvious that what Americans call “war” is extremely profitable AND it serves the “national interests” of a select group of neo-liberal capitalist oligarchs. The result being that we have a steadily increasing and obscene military budget which is currently something like 8 times the next largest national military budgets combined. Even Russia’s military budget is dwarfed by ours. At the same time we have massive tax cuts for the ultra-rich and the corporations and a crumbling infrastructure and a plummeting international regard for the United States while we maintain “boots on the ground” in 70% of the world’s countries.
Sure sounds like an empire to me and like Rome, a long-ago empire that partially bankrupted itself because of vast military overreach, we are heading in the same direction. Rome also had a deeply corrupt political system that also mirrors our own, especially with this would-be tyrant in the Offal Office.
The United States frequently refers to itself as the “exceptional” nation but we really aren’t much better than other nations who went into precipitous decline. Since Uh-meriKKKans are so deeply ignorant of history we are even more likely to make George Santayana’s famous warning come true, again.


That’s all very nice but doesn’t the senate have to approve this bill too? Good luck retrieving it from Mitch’s circular file.

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Yepper, the Senate is the real snake pit.

Venal and malevolent are good words to describe this loathsome pustule of a person. There is no senator that I hate more than McConnell and it is a tragedy that such an appalling right-wing shill would have so much power to thwart the legislative process. The result is that Congress is getting nothing done and the Trumpenfuhrer rules by Executive Orders, which he proudly holds up so that the media can look at his indecipherable scrawl of a signature.
The Regressive Party (their true name) are hell-bent on turning the U.S. into a third world country. Go to Daily KOS and type in “Return of the 19th Century”. THAT is what these right-wing assholes really want. A country where men called all the shots and controlled the wealth, women knew their place and brown-skinned people were normally regarded as inferior and not deserving of equality.
Look around the U.S. in 2019 and see it coming. As Heraclitus said - “Character is destiny”. That statement can just as easily be ascribed to nations and not just people.


well done. don’t forget, though, the last president ignored a similar Congressional instruction regarding Libya, too. And thanks to Obama, who started several wars (where was this effort then?), "war’ is now defined as American casualties. If there are no casualties, there is no war (his justification for ignoring Congress on Libya.

We keep screaming that all these bipartisan expansions of imperial power come back to bite us all. And this is another case. If Trump starts this war, he won’t be impeached on it. He’ll have all sorts of previously established shenanigans to fall back on. So let’s keep our glee sober. Still, it’s something better. But until the AUMF is revoked, war is always in play.


Next month: The House and Senate vote to declare war on Iran.


Couldn’t agree more, only to add that the color of the skin is not as important as the money in your wallet to these scoundrels. They use race demagoguery to get support from the racists, but don’t mind putting us all in the gutter to make their unholy profits, black, white, brown, yellow, red, they don’t care. They are un-American; they are traitors; and they are supported by at least 40% of the electorate. With the help the corporate MSM and some dirty oligarchs they may enjoy another 13 years rolling us back to the 1880s. These are the darkest days in American history since the Civil War.

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The House as a whole gets it, when will the presidential candidates all get it? It would have been better if they took this action before Obama started his wars, but at least they did it now.