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"Endless War Isn't Inevitable": House Votes to Stop Trump From Launching Unauthorized Attack on Iran

Yep, “where else can they go” does not motivate anyone to get off the couch

The leaks from the UK ambassador confirms what many knew intuitively

“The outcome illustrated the paradox of this White House: you got exceptional access, seeing everyone short of the president; but on the substance, the administration is set upon an act of diplomatic vandalism, seemingly for ideological and personality reasons - it was Obama’s deal. Moreover, they can’t articulate any ‘day-after’ strategy; and contacts with State Department this morning suggest no sort of plan for reaching out to partners and allies, whether in Europe or the region.”

"Liberal Control."

I’m not sure what that means or entails anymore Greenwich.

This game these two parties play has gotten to the point where it’s all about division.

Why do we as a people allow these elitist scum to divide us this way? I gave it up nearly 20 years ago, but the masses, nearly everyone I know has not.

I’m getting to the point, where I’m no fun anymore, and nobody listens.

Fuck it.

It’s Saturday Night and I am taking a break from it all.

I use to identify as a liberal since the late 60’s.

That’s become a dirty word.

Now, I am a “Realist.”

And, I’m really tired of this Divided States of America we all live in.

Forgive me everyone, but I am going on holiday.

On holiday from this bullshit more commonly known as the American Political System.

I hope you all don’t mind but I am going to retire for a while as political commenter, and just be a deejay taking requests.


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Pony –

Well, I simply meant “liberal control” as the ousting of the right wing
now controlling the Senate. That would be the only way to see any
bit of sanity if Trump is re-elected.

How did Our Founders get away with saving and supporting SLAVERY
for their fellow Elites/wealthy? That move GUARANTEED the Civil War which
further split the nation into two camps of hatred which further benefited Elites.
Don’t wait around for Ken Burns (Faker in Chief at PBS) to tell you that.

Tell me what the solution to right wing violence is and maybe we can figure out
how they succeed over and again in dividing us.
For one, right wing propaganda works. They’ve been practicing it for 1,000 years+.

Pony – you know what’s happening in the world – to the planet and politically –
so why would you be fun?

“Liberal” is a word that is welcoming - like the sun appearing every day –
it’s attacked over and again because the right wing fears it and its power.
This is a liberal nation – as Noam Chomsky tells it – which is why the right wing
has to control everything. Especially the press … truth acts like a rock hitting a
mirror – it shatters right wing lies/myths.

Take a rest PONY BOY – I’ve done the same thing from time to time.
You have to.

You’re on the right side of things – that’s what’s most important.

Music is good – how many musicians/song writers have been taken from us
because of their liberal views and LOVE expressed in their songs?
It’s very important to movements – they say when the music stops so does the

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Thanks for the calming conversation Greenwich.

I’ll get it together. I just need a vacation.

You’re the best.

That Garrison view of the Constitution was pre Civil War, pre 13th Amendment.

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Good point. Perhaps Garrison might have said the Constitution was adequately repaired (or could be) with enough amendments. But you’re talking about a foundational design flaw which stretches to virtually all aspects of how US government is structured. (As it happens, Garrison may have initially inspired Douglass, but later Garrison disgracefully attempted to stifle him – to prevent Douglass from starting his own newspaper upon returning from England. The Garrisonians were decidedly not unionists. They were for cutting the South loose, they were disunionists.)

At any rate, I’ve heard plenty enough, all my life, about the ingenuity of our revered founding fathers in framing such a perfect document. Perfect at screwing us bigtime, over and over. You can thank the bewigged devils called “framers” for bestowing Orangeman upon us.

Yep, war with Iran and regime change is on the Fascists agenda. In the Amerikan Fourth Reich, endless wars are inevitable!

I understand your point. What would you offer as a solution? Hold a Convention with Trump in charge?

I’d prefer a revolution, with the people in charge. Probably more feasible without all the artifacts of white supremacy making our system hopeless, of which we find plenty in that game of hoops designed by slavedriving, Indian-killing devils in periwigs – in my (most awfully) humble opinion.

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A bloody revolution and then forging a new founding document and government?

Or a bloodless revolution by way of extremely active jury power?

Jurors in jury-rooms should certainly be aware of their right to decide and discuss any damn thing they want in that jury room, if that’s what you mean. But I’m puzzled by the dichotomies you draw here.

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My reference to jury power was spontaneous, and a little bit beside the point.

Do you think we should have a revolution similar to most revolutions in the history of mankind? If so, I would rather work within the existing framework of amending and enforcing the current Constitution.

IMO, much could be accomplished by US citizens becoming aware of the jury power, and becoming very active in being the conscience of the community.


I’d just urge you to meditate on that phrase a bit: What is a revolution? How many of them have there been? In what sense can allowing omnicide to continue be considered “bloodless”?

I have meditated on that fact for many years, and that is why I asked the same question of you–in calling for a revolution, as you have done, are you willing to accept everything that goes along with it?

If we could analyze the data, my guess is that the number of countries that did NOT have a revolution is far smaller than the number of countries which DID have a revolution.

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Okay, but I really am continuing to examine these questions myself (the condescending tone, for which I apologize, was entirely unintentional). As I get more comfortable with the interface between literature and reality, I think of a word like “revolution” as a shape-shifting demon (like “freedom” or “equality”), scampering about through everyone’s mouth with nary a definition to be found.

Your implied tally of countries which did or did not have a revolution seems constrained to me, as you process the concept of what a country is. In the long view, England’s “Glorious Revolution” of 1688 is still rampant today, in the dominant Anglo-USAmerican Empire (+ French auxilliary!). Who can stop it before it destroys Life on Earth? Time is short, by the way.

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