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Endless Wars Costing Us $4.79 Trillion and Counting: Report


Endless Wars Costing Us $4.79 Trillion and Counting: Report

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost taxpayers nearly $5 trillion and counting, according to a new report released to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the attacks.


But, damn! That school lunch program is just too expensive.


The ceasefire in Syria seems to be holding.
Even though the rebels the US is supporting refused to agree to it. The US supported anti-Assad rebels are aligned to ISIS and the al-Nusra Front in their fight against Assad. The US wants to partner with Russia to kill off ISIS and the al-Nusra Front and that's not sitting to well with the American backed rebels who are aligned to ISIS and the al-Nusra Front.
If this ceasefire falls apart it will be the fault of Obama and the USA.

Apparently the Syrian military shot down an Israeli fighter today. The news on this is very scarce.

Let's spend $5 trillion tax dollars on our infrastructure and a massive program to switch from oil to sun power.


We are the beast.
Because we keep granting permission.


5 trillion in "costs" is money that goes into some persons pockets. If you want one of the major reasons for wealth inequality look no further than this as it takes money out of the pockets of the 99 percent and puts it into the pockets of the "investor class".

This all that it about. Those 9/11 ceremonies and "we must never forget" spiels are to ensure that flow of wealth upwards continues and if 9/11 does become a distant memory another can be arranged.


If we could only get people to understand the meaning of this article and connect this massive direct "military" and "defense" expenditure plus the trillions of dollars in interest and VA health costs into the future being put on taxpayers there would be unstoppable rebellion by US citizens. The connection between the interest alone and the recent articles regarding how the Big Banks and the Super Rich Families that own the private banks, like the US Federal Reserve (a Privately owned bank), is shoveling our collective wealth and any power "we the people" have remaining into the pockets of a few, very powerful and very wealthy families and individuals. This is insane on "our" part and demonstrates that we are not "the home of the brave" but instead represent a country comprised of millions of cowards.


5 trillion dollars could have been give to the poorest 5 million Americans and made them all millionaires.
5 trillion could have provided universal healthcare fro every American citizen.
5 trillion could have provided a basic income to every American citizen eliminating poverty in America in one fell swoop.5 trillion dollars could have given every working American a $15 dollar an hour raise across the board.
America would have gone from being the most hated country on the planet to being the most admired.
Instead the only benefit is a handful of billionaires got even richer so that they could buy off more politicians and keep the propaganda apparatus rolling along.
It would sure be nice if Americans opted for a democracy this time around.


What an incredible waste. I don't think anyone would say that we're more secure today than we were fifteen years ago. If anything, these wars are creating more enemies who will, if government policy doesn't change, fight against our troops in the current or future wars.
What could the $5,000,000,000,000 have brought to the American people instead of death and destruction? Think of how much better our medical insurance system would be, as well as our schools, our infrastructure, our commitment to a non-fossil fuel energy system, and much more.
Only the 1/10 of 1% benefit from the current state of affairs.
Add the five trillion dollars to the tens of trillions of dollars wasted on military spending since the end of WWII, and one sees why our country is in such a mess. Other countries who spend only a tiny fraction on their military compared to the United States are leaving us in the dust when it comes to meeting their people's needs.


...and food stamps for the poor to buy some healthy food is digging into Paul Ryan, and his death merchant buddies pocketbooks.


Dubya's "mission accomplished" speech on the aircraft carrier in San Diego Bay failed to mention that the real mission was to create eternal occupations and wars that will generate eternal revenue for the military industrial complex.

The less secure Murkins feel the more they will support eternal occupations and wars...marketing 101.


For those that still believe the official government fairy tale of 9/11, ask yourself: Cui Bono? 5 trillion $$$$$$$$ spent on wars since 9/11 and still counting!




The worst decision for a long time in US history was not the war against Iraq, but rather the declaration of the war on terror – we should have gone after the culprits. This decision was foisted on us largely by the neocons serving a foreign power for which the war has been a great (but not yet complete) success - in weakening its adversaries. This 5th column is manipulating to use us some more to weaken another of its adversaries, Iran. There is a "Manchurian candidate" now running for office in the Presidential race that will be prepared to sacrifice the interests of the US in the service of that foreign power.


Centrist politics becomes even more incomprehensible as one views the evidence documenting trillions for war n' weapons, but very little indeed for the American people.


The US spends approximately $1.1 Trillion yearly on the military and related activities according to the Center for Defense [Really Offense] Information @ pogo. This is more per year than the next 9 countries' military budgets combined according to NationalPriorities.org. And yet, we have to "rebuild the military" so we can "keep the American people safe." Yep! Many of the American people may be food insecure, i.e., hungry, dying from lacking health care, at great risk of losing their lives at work, work at below living wage jobs and live in substandard housing or are homeless, but the they're being kept "safe."

Guns? Yes. Butter? No. We can't afford it.

Give me a freakin' break!


MarK Weisbrot of cepr.net makes exactly the same point in this article.



TRILLIONS of dollars are the financial cost.
Then there are the Human costs, animals
lost, environmental destruction...
For the human costs, I would like to see
CD interview Dr. Gideon Polya, author of
Body Count for some STAGGERING info.
How about it CD?


Speak for yourself, and shame on you for supporting these wars by granting such permission.


My, aren't we in a frisky mood today?


You made a very clear assertion of culpability and I responded.

That is being frisky? Okay.


Oh, come on now, better to transfer the 5 trillion to the 1% through no-bid contracts with Halliburton and other government contractors, than by paying workers a living wage for rebuilding the US infrastructure, and spending on improvements to benefit all Americans.