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Endorsing Cynthia Nixon and Jumaane Williams, DSA's Largest Chapter Calls Candidates 'Best Chance We Have to Win' Progressive Reforms


Endorsing Cynthia Nixon and Jumaane Williams, DSA's Largest Chapter Calls Candidates 'Best Chance We Have to Win' Progressive Reforms

Julia Conley, staff writer

Highlighting its commitment to passing bold progressive reforms including Medicare for All, the country's largest Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) chapter voted on Sunday to endorse Cynthia Nixon in New York's gubernatorial race as well as New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams for lieutenant governor.


And where are native New Yawkah BS, Liz, labor unions and other national “progressive” Dems on this??? The last time I looked, New Yawk was pretty important in the national Democratic Party – and, oh, it happens to be the home of Wall St. Will Bernie wait til it’s too late and will Liz sit one her hands and do nothing at all. So much for “progressive reform” w/in the Dems.


PS: Cynthia Nixon is a potential left presidential candidate.


Recently, a scary, well-made video ad sponsoring Steven Colbert’s show, explains how socialists are proven failures in the 20th century. However you modify the term ‘socialist’ (democratic, people’s, etc.), the narrator says, you are still a socialist, and historic evidence prove that socialism belongs in the dust bins of history.

As a dyed in the wool progressive, I have long cringed at the label ‘Democratic Socialist’, because the ad was right: every single socialist country in the 20th and 21st centuries had been an abject failure. Better that the good guys had adopted Bernie’s chosen self label - a Social Democrat.

Social Democrat or Democratic Socialist. What’s in a name? We will find out in November.


WTF Steven Colbert? Socialism has been demonized over the last 80 years because of failures early on and then blaming/lying about outcomes in socialized countries.

We have a socialized country for the rich. We’ve socialized their losses and every single time bail them out, not the people. We subsidies oil, gas, coal, big agr, et al and then over and over again give them more tax breaks and they buy back their stock instead of investing in their workers and products.

Many socialized countries flourish if we don’t get involved and put sanctions on them when they won’t bow to US corporations.


According to the polls, Cynthia Nixon is way behind Andrew Cuomo, by at least 30 points. But maybe she can pull off an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and win anyway. The democratic socialist label is certainly being thrown around lately. If you read the writings of Michael Harrington, who founded the Democratic Socialists of America, and others from that organization it is clear that it is really socialism, state ownership of large industries and all including worker cooperatives. It is not just welfare state programs as it is often portrayed. It’s goal is to replace capitalism with socialism in the long run. However, someone like Bernie Sanders who calls himself a democratic socialist but is not a member of the DSA can and does you a much different definition which is basically state welfare programs. Sanders sees the goal as being like Denmark. Nixon seems to also share that goal. A number of candidates seem okay with the endorsement of the DSA and it appears that in general neither reporters nor the public really has cared to examine the views of the DSA. But the views are pretty unambiguous for anyone caring to do some quick research.


Everyone who calls himself a socialist has his own concept of what a socialist should be. The Colbert ad (he is likely blissfully unaware of it) bypasses all that, and cleverly resorts to evoking a gut reaction based on decades of indoctrination about socialism. In this obfuscation, the ad is regrettably effective. By called themselves socialists, much of DSA’s precious PR resources are neutralized by this deeply ingrained perception - that socialism is a proven failure.

Whenever pressed to label myself, I proudly adopt Bernie’s nom de guerre, a Social Democrat.


Because abolishing ICE is not a winning issue, DSA should concentrate on stopping the wars and exploitation that cause immigration in the first place.


For New Yorkers, wouldnt it be a blessing to get Cuomo outta there and Nixon in? Doubt it will happen as Cuomo has too much power.


I haven’t seen any polling on the NY governors race. I can’t stand Coumo who I am pretty sure will run for Prez in 2020 along with Booker, Kaine, Gilderbrand and a few other “awful” candidates.


Agreed, thanks