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Endorsing 'Violence and Extremism Among His Base,' Trump Pardons Oregon Ranchers Who Inspired Right-Wing Militia's Armed Takeover of Public Lands


Endorsing 'Violence and Extremism Among His Base,' Trump Pardons Oregon Ranchers Who Inspired Right-Wing Militia's Armed Takeover of Public Lands

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a move that sends a "very friendly message to some very dangerous people," President Donald Trump on Tuesday granted full pardons to Dwight and Stephen Hammond, the father-son team of Oregon ranchers whose 2012 conviction for arson inspired the right-wing Bundy militia's armed ta


I will be 70 years on the planet next Saturday. During that time I have seen a lot…A LOT in the way of the decline of the U.S. as an equal opportunity, peace-loving, heart-filled country. And it is only getting more insane as each day passes.

Having said the above, I am writing this to all younger people out there: If you choose to remain in this country, you are fools. The deterioration of what was planned for the country nearly 250 years ago is palpable if one takes the time to look around and FEEL the negativity, fear, and suffering.

Keeping it short: GET OUT NOW!!! Hope is fading faster with each passing day that the government is allowed to stomp on “We the People” and raise, shamelessly, those who should, in any sane country, be made to disappear as a cancer on freedom.

Done. Sorry for the negativity and cynicism but prove me wrong…


Proving you wrong would be a fool’s errand.


United States? How about just States and dump the united part cause that’s over.
The hounds of hell will be released and will have many joiners. Look for neighbor against neighbor violence to be on the rise.


Completely agree with you. Staying and fighting is very courageous and heroic, but I just don’t see this tide of hatred and fascism and authoritarianism and racism and ugliness that is sweeping the nation getting any smaller. On the contrary, polls are showing that more and more Americans are drinking the right-wing Kool-Aid. This goes directly to not just politics, but to the content of people’s CHARACTER. You cannot suddenly make people become compassionate, caring, kind, law-abiding, democracy-loving, authoritarian-hating, non-racists. This is a disease that is spreading, and it speaks to how low so many tens of millions of Americans have fallen in themselves.

Get out. Now.


And go where??? I was thinking Mongolia but they are joining NATO. I don’t think there is any unorganized territory left, and if everyone went there it wouldn’t stay that way.


You sound just like me. I’ve been pointing out these same things since “W” the previously worst President. I’m 71 yrs old and can actually remember when EVERYONE wasn’t walking around armed like it was Dodge city. Can’t remember even ONE mass school shooting way back when. Also there actually was a strong middle class and cops weren’t going around shooting every black person they saw (I know it was shitty, but at least the cops weren’t carrying out mass genocide on blacks). Maybe ya have to be 70 to remember when America really was a pretty good place (especially if you were white). All this shit has been happening since Carter the Dem Prez and that wannabe FDR st Ronnie Reagan.


Right wingnuts aren’t the only ones who are comfortable with firearms.

Just sayin’…


“Staying and fighting is very courageous and heroic, but I just don’t see this tide of hatred and fascism and authoritarianism and racism and ugliness that is sweeping the nation getting any smaller.”

I don’t see evidence that fascism is sweeping the country. I think these people have always been there, thinking this way, voting accordingly. What we see now is the people coming out of the woodwork and airing what we all knew was there. We are also reaching an end point, which the right set us on (in both parties) decades ago. We have been on a rightward trajectory for decades now, and there has been nothing at all to stop it. We have at times slowed it down, but no party offers any alternative that radically breaks with the status quo, and you can see how the Democrats, even with this horribly desperate situation, are just not up to the task. I think the left could be in the medium to long term, but will we gain power in enough time to stop us from total collapse? I don’t know, but the people pushing against the left within the Democratic Party, while making third parties impossible to operate in this system, have been instrumental in us getting to this point. Their “pragmatism” has been just as destructive as the right wing’s conception of “freedom”. They have both led us here. We have solutions, and we are growing, and we are the only damn hope of dragging the damn political system and policy to the left, aligning it with popular opinion.

I would really recommend reading Michal Kalecki. He wrote an article in 1964 called “The Fascism of Our Times” that nailed where we are heading, and that article was centered on Barry Goldwater, a person that Hillary Clinton supported over Johnson. While the article isn’t freely available online, his article on the political aspects of full employment is, and it is on the mark. Kalecki is considered to be the “left-wing Keynes”, he anticipated many of Keynes’ insights, from a non-traditional Marxist perspective and was a major candidate to win the Nobel in the early 70’s, around the time he passed away. Again, keep in mind that this was written in 1943:

One of the important functions of fascism, as typified by the Nazi system, was to remove capitalist objections to full employment. The dislike of government spending policy as such is overcome under fascism by the fact that the state machinery is under the direct control of a partnership of big business with fascism. The necessity for the myth of ‘sound finance’, which served to prevent the government from offsetting a confidence crisis by spending, is removed. In a democracy, one does not know what the next government will be like. Under fascism there is no next government.

The dislike of government spending, whether on public investment or consumption, is overcome by concentrating government expenditure on armaments. Finally, ‘discipline in the factories’ and ‘political stability’ under full employment are maintained by the ‘new order’, which ranges from suppression of the trade unions to the concentration camp. Political pressure replaces the economic pressure of unemployment.

The fact that armaments are the backbone of the policy of fascist full employment has a profound influence upon that policy’s economic character. Large-scale armaments are inseparable from the expansion of the armed forces and the preparation of plans for a war of conquest. They also induce competitive rearmament of other countries. This causes the main aim of spending to shift gradually from full employ ment to securing the maximum effect of rearmament. As a result, employment becomes ‘overfull’; not only is unemployment abolished, but an acute scarcity of labour prevails. Bottlenecks arise in every sphere, and these must be dealt with by the creation of a number of controls. Such an economy has many features of a planned economy, and is sometimes compared, rather ignorantly, with socialism. How ever, this type of planning is bound to appear whenever an economy sets itself a certain high target of production in a particular sphere, when it becomes a target economy of which the armament economy is a special case. An armament economy involves in particular the curtailment of consumption as compared with that which it could have been under full employment. The fascist system starts from the overcoming of unemployment, develops into an armament economy of scarcity, and ends inevitably in war (my note, or in our case, slow and grinding economic decline).

…But perhaps the fight for full employment may lead to fascism? Perhaps capitalism will adjust itself to full employment in this way? This seems extremely unlikely. Fascism sprang up in Germany against a background of tremendous unemployment, and maintained itself in power through securing full employment while capitalist democracy failed to do so. The fight of the progressive forces for all employment is at the same time a way of preventing the recurrence of fascism.


Trump is working on future recruits for his very own SS Brown Shirts. How impressed and loyal will they be to the Fuhrer because of this illustrious pardon! He just LOVES the American Nazis because they love him!


It goes back further than carter. Remember the Vietnam war and the draft. This country was pretty bad in the 60’s.


The best piece of advice anyone has ever given me was “If you don’t loik Murrikka, yawl can git out!”.
Left for Denmark several years ago, and never looked back.


Trump has been preaching Violence to his fam base and made it very clear to the rest of us what his intentions are. So why dont we disguss this, debate this, argue about this as we usually do? Seems thats what we like to do best… Nothing!


As others have posted: IF YOU HAVE THE MEANS, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE USA NOW! Half the country supports this insanity. I used to believe the only option for the USA was massive strikes and boycotts, but with half the populace supporting this kind of insanity those actions will never work. Game over, the fascists have won. The only way left is to put your lives on the line, but then the good folks will all be killed off. Fuck the USA. This has been happening a long time now and the citizens have merrily gone along with the program to strip them of all their so-called inalienable rights. That was a joke from the start. The only rights belong to the oligarchs and their brain dead minions who to this day cheer on this insanity. Anyone wondering how Nazi Germany came to be, need only look to their fellow citizens in the USA. Trump and his followers are just the tip of the iceberg as to where the USA is heading with nothing left to stop it. GET OUT NOW!


First of all, Mr (or Ms) Fokker, Happy Birthday!
The kids may be fools for staying and trying to make a decent world out of the corrupted, toxic, deteriorating mess we’re leaving them, but I believe in them. Fools like these kids, who are not stupid – they get climate change and its implications, environmental degradation, social collapse, thugs in charge of an increasingly fascist nation – may be our best and perhaps only hope. I wouldn’t sell them short, or count them out. To quote the great modern philosopher, Elvis Presley, “Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread”. (Actually Johnny Mercer/ Rube Bloom wrote the song)
That being said, yes, keep your passports up to date.


While I am as outraged as you are about this and so many other things, I am concerned about describing this as the government doing it. These people have names. We know who they are. They have taken over the government. They are not acting on our behalf or with our approval. And we may be peace-loving people, but our country has been anything but peace-loving, as determined by our history of terrorizing the rest of the world, and as viewed by most people in other countries.


Where do you get half the country? The country, on the issues, is with the left. Those running the two parties and the media aren’t, and their money gives them tons of power in this system, and every system destroyed by corruption. The policies of the right are deeply unpopular. There is a large gap between what people want on policy, versus what the government does and what the political parties, both of them, largely offer. The far right has far more power in government than they have support in society, but the massively low turnout for elections allows a small group of radicals to get lots of power. Them having tons of money helps, but so does the fact that there is no alternative offered within the system. I don’t think the country wants what is going on at all. In fact, this political system doesn’t give a damn what the country wants. That is a sure sign that the system is not only broken and corrupt, but is in fact sliding towards authoritarianism. The Nazis rose to power in the wreckage of post-WWI Germany, a country destroyed by war and an unpayable debt being forced on them. We have nothing of the sort, just a system that long ago stopped working and two parties that have no interest in radically changing course. This two party state is similar to one party states, in that a political revolution is just as hard as a social or economic revolution, and a social revolution isn’t possible without the political revolution, either a party being taken over or the system allowing other parties to emerge. This stuff can be done, but not within existing parties or institutions as they are. People like Lrx and Pelosi are key in beating back the left and stopping and social, economic or political structural changes.


Well, Happy Birthday anyhow. As for me, I’m glad I’m old. Some time ago you might have been a cynic. Now, you are a realist . We are heading for times that will make slavery look good in comparison.


Yes, perhaps but there is another way to look at this: After white folk invaders fucked-up this stolen land good and properly at minimum they need to restore the ecosystems before they depart and help the First Nations evict all the remaining who they deem as persona non grata.


Rate of violence has actually declined in the US in the past fifty years. The US was never a peace loving country, but in fact wars have gotten a lot less destructive. (See World War Two for details.)

Get out now? And go where? Every city in the world, thousands of them, now use the same resources. They all look the same.

The underlying cause of most human suffering at this point is overpopulation, and the destruction of habitat caused by same.