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Endorsing 'Violence and Extremism Among His Base,' Trump Pardons Oregon Ranchers Who Inspired Right-Wing Militia's Armed Takeover of Public Lands


But it WAS better (for whites) than it is today. Just look at a few of the things I mentioned above.


Certainly looks like a move to shore up his base in the West. The Patriot militia movement people are Trump supporters but don’t get nearly as much publicity as the white nationalists, evangelicals, and libertarians who form most of his voting base. Since Trump doesn’t seem to care about human decency, the fate of the United States, or the law, there is nothing to stop him from doing anything that increases his political support. Ripping children from their patents and putting them in cages, pardoning Joe Arpaio, and so forth are terrible actions but meet the only test that counts, approval of his voting base. Trump has disgraced the office president, the reputation of the United States, and seems to only get worse.


Those white boys are lucky they weren’t black or native or Latino.

Meanwhile, Leonard Peltier continues to be in jail.

I’ll never have any respect for white conservatives.


Just read the High Country News summary of the decades of lawlessness and felonies perpetrated by the Hammond Family Dynasty. It’s a laundry list of the worst kind of American Exceptionalism by a bunch of thug ranchers.
And yes, Leonard Peltier is a political prisoner, who the FBI and The Feds will never allow to walk freely amongst his family and friends. If Obama couldn’t get it done, it ain’t happening.



I join with you. Today I’m 72 years on planet Earth. My parents, who survived the Great Depression, used to talk about the “good ole days,” and even 50-60 years ago we could have said the same. But not any more.

I have seen how “human decency” does not extend to most nonhuman animals–our fellow Earthlings, domesticated and free-living, except sparingly, sometimes begrudgingly. It follows, that we treat other humans the same way.

QUOTE from Carl Safina, “Beyond Words, What Animals Think and Feel” (2015)
--------------- Other animals cannot negotiate, but that’s not the deciding factor. People can negotiate. But only from strength. The oppressed, the enslaved and exploited̶̶. Being able to speak up for yourself using complex language with syntax gets you only so far. Money talks, guns speak, and neither needs syntax to get their point across. We permit ourselves the excuse that animals can’t talk. Truth is, they can’t fight back. Weaker people, too, often find themselves overpowered, devalued, dehumanized. “The Oriental does not put the same high price on life as the Westerner,” said U.S. general William Westmoreland, who was running an industrial war in Vietnam. “Life is cheap in the Orient…life is not important.” That delusion let him do his job.

One of the things that “makes us human” is: the strong obliterate the weak… In our treatment of other animals, of lands and waters, there is little malice aforethought because there is little forethought…


Excellent post and…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Sessions and Trump are all law and order for blacks and immigrants from Mexico and Central America. But when it comes to white nationalists and people like Joe Arpaio it seems like he has another way of treatment. Racism and bigotry is written all over Trump and his actions. He is intolerable.


Please end your white privilege argument. I don’t care about when it was better for the whites. Those are not what I consider the good ole days.


I think you misunderstand what I am saying. I’m saying the economy is worse for everybody today than it was in say 1965, BLACK OR WHITE. The cops were not shooting down black men daily during that time EVEN THOUGH civil rights were not enjoyed by blacks. There were no mass school shootings back then that I remember, and EVERYFUCKINGBODY was not armed. Re-read my original post.

Edit to add: if you are insinuating that I’m racist, then fuck you.



Don’t write me about how great things were for whites like you did and expect me not to interpret it as racist. The rest of your post was what got you flagged.


There’s only one thing worse than a whiner; a blind whiner.


At the off road vehicle wonderland out here in Anza Borrego desert near the Mexican botder there are plenty of Mexican Americans tearing up the desert on ATVs and dirt bikes. Having “fun” in the sun isn 't just for “inbred” buck toothed white racists. In fact, most of the homeless are white men and the middle class is definitely browning in Southern California.
BTW, I loved the Monkey Wrench Gang, but I fear it too is an artifact of a bygone wealthy white middle class.


The biggest horse’s behind to ever occupy the Oval Office strikes again.


So, you can’t communicate without insults and name calling? That’s why you get flagged. You’re violating the site policy. Can you raise yourself to dialog instead of name calling an personal attacks? I’d be embarrassed if I stooped to what you’ve done here.


You are embarrassing. You insinuated I’m racist. What did I say that was racist? “Flagged”, I really am extremely upset and hurt, NOT. I could give a fuck. There are many more important things that need discussing than me arguing with a fucking moron, bye…


Well rest easy comrade and take pleasure in the fact that the government jackboots were able to murder Lavoy Finicum.


Thanks for the link, Ms Robinson. Not heard of Kalecki before. I’ll read the whole nine pages with great interest. :sunglasses:


Happy birthday you old Fascist Foker I am right behind you