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'Energetically Corrupt' Mulvaney Gave Green Light to Delete Data on Trump's Tip-Stealing Rule


'Energetically Corrupt' Mulvaney Gave Green Light to Delete Data on Trump's Tip-Stealing Rule

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Further revealing how far the Trump administration is willing to go to "actively make workers' lives worse," Bloomberg Law reported on Wednesday that White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney personally approved the Labor Department's


No kidding, he is a pick pocket too. Stealing is stealing and that is what this is among other things.


The corrupt rump regime and his crime family know no bounds of decency; no commitment to the “common” man, woman or family, only more and more “deregulation”, destruction, and discrimination - a regime with a shred of decency r honor…it’s a wonder these people can stand to look at themselves in the mirror…I guess part of their depravity is that they just do not care about other people…


Meanwhile in West Virginia, Patrick Morrissey, hopeful Republican candidate for Senator to replace Joe Manchin, is airing an ad that says support him because he will help Trump pursue his middle class agenda.

Well, there it is Patrick me boyo, Trump’s middle class agenda on full display. Oh! you mean the real “middle class” consisting of lawyers, bankers, doctors, and predatory merchants? Silly me, waitresses are just working-class schmucks like me.

I expect that every precinct of this god-damned tortured land will be treated to promises by Republican hopefuls to assist Trump in creating (er- excuse me - re-creating AGAIN!) a middle class paradise. It’s gonna be so great, and everybody is going to love it. Or else.

edit: I’m not necessarily smearing all lawyers, bankers, and doctors by associating them with predatory merchants, but that is the demographic that initially comprised the middle class.


Mulvaney is the weakest, lowest, hoariest type of an “old school” southern prep white boy who deserves a kick on his delicate white bottom into the bottom of the Potomac. Being raised in California, I find it hard to believe this type of plantation delicacy exists in the South, but it does. Hope someday he has to live somewhere horrible, like many of his constituents do. Pure evil. Yes and well educated. He needs to be stopped.


OK they are coming after the wages of the lowest paid workers with “top-stealing” so what is next?

Hey how about pensions? They already there with courts ruling a Corporation can seize workers pensions as an asset in order to pay off the 1 percent who are deemed “secured Creditors”

How about your savings and bank accounts? They already got THAT as well with recent laws passed that allow banks to treat a depositors savings as an asset wherein it can be used to pay of the one percent who are deemed “secured Creditors”

Next up!! A new law to strip away any monies a child might have in his or her piggy bank. Call it “The I am a piggy so that Money is really MINE” law.


This story is important to the lives of millions of working people, and it further underscores the importance of paying close attention to the details of all the damage that is being done to our lives that does not get enough attention. While the mainstream press is trying to keep up with (and try to make sense of) the daily Tweet-storms of DJT, the daily flow of everything connected to Russia, and the weekly slaughter of innocents by our (largely) home-grown “terrorists”…while all of those things we hear about 24/7, there isn’t a lot of time or space left to
focus on the relentless erosion of the People’s rights by people like Mulvaney, Acosta, Zinke and Sessions, just to name a few.

They will lie, cheat, steal, obfuscate, manipulate…in short, they will do anything to further
the destruction of the institutions, agencies, programs and polices that have been created to
make people’s lives a little better, and especially the ones that protect them from corporate greed.

These people are not your friends, nor are they any friends of Democracy!


Mick’s a Dick, Mick’s a Dick!

Altogether now…


Considering how well publicized this strategy for stealing money from working people has (and will ) become (if it becomes law), I can foresee the “us versus them” mindset becoming ever more entrenched, with working people hiding their earnings and tips and the economy drifting back into a cash only framework. The only way to prevent that is for businesses who rely on tips to supplement their workers earnings to enforce a credit/debit card payment only policy. Or am I missing something?


Well, that’s the way in America and has been for a long time. Now it is blatantly in our faces. There so sure of our corrupt system they don’t hide there wrong doings.

Sick! but corruption pays unless you’re a little timer thief.


That description fits over 75% of Donnie John’s administration.


Nothing new about depositors assets being treated as bank property. Your deposits are the banks property to do with as they please and you are at the tail end of the creditor line.


This is a proposal from a bully and a cheat. Trump is the man that doesn’t pay the people that do work for him.


So how do we delete data on Mulvaney?! Into complete obscurity?


Agreed. I wanted to call him vermin or a weasel, but then I realized I was insulting vermin and weasels. He’s pretty damn despicable. I hope he drowns or chokes to death on aspirated vomitus.


V, they’re all sociopaths.


For those who think ideological issues are too rarified and consequently irrelevant, here is an example of how extremist thinking works and its severe consequences for those who suffer needlessly at the hands of corrupted power brokers. Forced to live on a poverty wage IS extremist ideology in action. Thinking that is irrelevant documents how depraved these powerful extremists are.


lol wow.

Hey, Trump-whores: is this your fucked-up idea of “making America great again?” Is this your idea of a man “standing up for average American workers?” How many of you morons wait tables? Do you like the idea of your tips being stolen thanks to your Dear Leader’s brilliant rule?

You are all deluded little dumbasses. And you don’t have my pity.


More like a chancre on one…


Donald Trump seems to hate almost every segment of American society except billionaires and mega corporations. Now it’s servers. His “tip sharing” rule will result in the loss of millions of dollars by servers to their employers - and he had the data to prove it before he had it deleted. What a horses’s behind!