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Enforcing the Ukraine 'Group Think'


Enforcing the Ukraine 'Group Think'

Robert Parry

It may be fitting that the U.S.-funded Radio Liberty would be the latest media outlet to join in the bashing of an American academic who dares to disagree with U.S. policies on Ukraine, which have included supporting a 2014 coup that ousted the elected president and installing a new regime in which neo-Nazis play a prominent role. After all, Radio Liberty has a history of cuddling up to Nazis.


The antithesis of a Democratic and diversified society is what Mr. Parry terms “the herd mind.” Of course other writers have called it the rise of a covert Fourth Reich, an Inverted Totalitarian system, or the nature of the beast of empire.

This is an important statement, although I’d say that by silencing any stories OTHER than the Official Narrative for the American Reichstag, the use of coercion to direct all voices (in media) to sing from the same hymnal had continuing repercussions. Ukraine is an outgrowth of the Middle East plan of destruction as published in the Project for a New American Century. All of this has been planned:

“So, as the United States rushes into a new Cold War with Russia, we are seeing the makings of a new McCarthyism, challenging the patriotism of anyone who doesn’t get in line. But this conformity presents a serious threat to U.S. national security and even the future of the planet. We saw a similar pattern with the rush to war in Iraq, but a military clash with nuclear-armed Russia is a crisis of a much greater magnitude.”

This particular version of McCarthyism is replete with MASSIVE high-tech assistance in everything from iris recognition to pervasive surveillance. Also, when those luminaries outside of the official news networks offer up contrary versions of that reality that elites are busy manufacturing… they end up in jail, in exile, or sent quickly out of this world, altogether.


Professor Stephen Cohen has been the best American analyst of events in Ukraine and Russian, and is hardly the “Putin apologist” demonized by Radio Liberty. His writings and interviews are easily accessed on the net, and everything he says is grounded in his vast knowledge of the history of the region.


Cohen is rare among academics, even retired academics, in speaking out about the lies and manipulations that the U.S. state apparatus has perpetrated against Russia. In particular the situation in Ukraine. The web does feature plenty of writing more scathing than Cohen’s about these situations, 21st Century Wire is particularly useful in this regard in its general work analyzing and debunking U.S. intelligence false flag operations and disinformation campaigns. I’ve had to chuckle at Webster Tarpley’s characterization of Cohen and his wife, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, the editor of “The Nation”, as representing the left wing of the CIA. A bit harsh but with a grain of truth, at least in that The Nation, while progressive in outlook has lines it will not cross (9/11 truth for one).


Hi SR, I quit posting, or even reading much, here when they changed the format and just noticed how to get registered and all earlier today while looking at an articleu. Good to see you are still at work. Cheers


If you are a reader/viewer of the US corporate/government compliant main stream media, it may be an idea for you to take a cue from the old Firesign Theater, “Every Thing You Know Is Wrong”!