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Engaged In Good Causes: War Criminal Inexplicably, Unconscionably Gets Award, Not Jail Sentence


Engaged In Good Causes: War Criminal Inexplicably, Unconscionably Gets Award, Not Jail Sentence

Having blithely orchestrated several genocides and the deaths of millions of brown-skinned innocents in the specious imperial name of the right to bomb neutral countries to save them and us - a murderous right the U.S. still claims - Henry Kissinger, our best and brightest war criminal, has won the Distinguished Public Service Award, the Defense Department's highest honor for private citizens. The award from one grotesquely unfit Nobel Peace Prize winner to another was for services "unique in the annals of American diplomacy.”


From making him an adviser to this disgusting ceremony, the Obama Administration can't get enough of Kissinger ?


For over sixty years, this piece of obscene filth has been excoriated by most of the people of the world, but lionized and rewarded by the foul Powers that Be who have benefited from his actions!


Instead of those signs and jingling handcuffs (how did they get them though the X-ray/metal detector?), why didn't one of those Code-Pinkers simply kill him?


My question is what money, support, funding does the DNC/Obama need from Kissinger acolytes?


Did anyone notice the three SoS seated at the table: Kissinger, Schulz, and Albright? Among the three, hundreds of thousands of lives were lost as a result of their incompetence and war-mongering. And that is precisely why the DoD awarded HK with the prize: inveterate war-monger that he is until his dying breath.


My sincerest thanks to Abby Zimet for her clarity and courage. Ash Carter awarding Kissinger is one of those moments where we can all see that the Emperor is Naked. There have been many such moments e.g. unveiling of statues to GHW Bush then Cheney, US President Medal of Freedom to Tony Blair and various Central American Death Squad commandants, JFK Profiles in Courage Awards to Gerald Ford and GHW Bush, JF Dulles statue, and of course Nobel Prizes for both Kissinger & Obama. Whilst such perversity is symptomatic of a world gone mad, it also serves a more useful purpose because of what it tells us i.e. those who reward war criminals must likewise be complicit e.g. Ash Carter. Who he? First time I came across his name was as co-author of the 1998 paper "Catastrophic Terrorism" which shows his uncanny prescience in forecasting 9/11 in astonishing detail: the 3 authors seem to predict a collapse of WTC and thousands of deaths which would allow the domestic laws to be altered and granting the ability to wage wars of our choice. They positively rejoice that "It would be a transformative event" and "It would be another Pearl Harbor". Philip Zelikow was one of these co-authors. Imagine the remarkable fact that Zelikow was appointed to run the 9/11 Truth Commission after the Jersey girls rejected Bush & Cheney's offer of Henry Kissinger.
To date, neither Carter nor Zelikow has had a medal or a statue in his honour. Is this not a terrible injustice?


Let's see, an award for Kissinger from the MIC. Sounds about right to me.


Maybe they're trying to resurrect Kissinger's rep after Hilary's public outburst of pride in having his endorsement? Just another brick in repairing Clinton's reputation by the establishment.


No, murder for power-lust, and murder for righteous justice and as a lesson to the other power-greedy are two totally different things!

Why do you think the left is losing to the capitlaist right everywhere around the world right now?


In a majority of cases it does go to worthy individuals. Rigoberta Menchu, Martin Luther King, International Labor Organization, the IPCC, Medecins Sans Frotieres, Mairead McQuire, Bishop Tutu, the Dalai Lama, Linus Pauling, American friends Service Committee...

But yes, when they screwed up, they screwed up royally - Woodrow Wilson, Kissinger, Obama...


If someone with authority would prosecute these a-holes, perhaps the world would be able to tolerate us again. They get away with this shit, the world thinks the people of the US accept it! With Hillary, and most likely Drumpf, we'll continue endless murders...truly pathetic. GO BERNIE!


Because if God is just, Kissinger will go into a slow and horrible decline physically whilst his mental faculties remain just adequate to realise what is happening.


"The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer."

"We came, we saw, he died".

These two lines are a succinct summary of USAian foreign policy. At the very least, the British Empire built roads, railways and irrigation schemes as well.


You know, I tend to agree with Yunzer. I suspect there are many who would physical/vocally demolish the now, what, 70 something Dick Cheney into a pulp if coincidence landed them nearby. But I am swayed by your nonviolent path of a just god delivering unto this guy a crafty, sinister death. Yet at the same time, I do not consider their time spent on this earth as deserving of even one more second of a breath of, bearing witness to the sensorial beauty of this planet/existence. People die every day. Every day I hope it's one of these monsters.


In a better world, Kissinger would be in front of a war crimes trial in The Hague, holding his pants up with one hand and standing in lace-less shoes.


5 Stars


Don't forget Madeleine!




I believe that "unique in the annals of American diplomacy." should be replaced by the more accurate,
"Unique in the anus of American corruption."