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Engagement With North Korea Works


Engagement With North Korea Works

Kerri Kennedy

Tensions between the U.S. and North Korea are at an all-time high — and continue to escalate following North Korea’s test of a missile that can supposedly reach Alaska.

It’s still possible to turn down the heat with small steps that could lead to more robust diplomacy later on. But this requires the political will to engage instead of trading threats.

"Americans want to see diplomatic engagement with North Korea, not an escalation of tensions and the threat of nuclear war."


The very idea that Trump might initiate a shooting war in the Korean Peninsula alone is insanity much less start a nuclear exchange! With Seoul so utterly vulnerable and the ‘bunkered down’ condition of the north a factor, any war is sure to be a bloodbath. There is no real alternative except engagement with the North. The two countries should have been reunited long ago anyway!


Kim Jong Fat would be happy to reunite tomorrow, if he could be in charge.


You might be right about that but I think he would expect to control the north mostly. South Korea would have elections but the north wouldn’t kind of thing. Permanent president for life etc.

Still I think the north sees reunification as a shot in the arm for its economy. Do other nations buy North Korean stuff (besides China I suppose)? South Korea would be a western market for North Korea and one close to home to say the least. That would bring in huge amounts of revenue denied to NK now.

China’s success at becoming capitalist has shown the way for the former communist north. Communists all want to be capitalists nowadays! Modern Neo-Fascistic capitalists of course but just not the old fashioned totally communist neo-fascists of yore ! Lol


Ms Kennedy is absolutely correct. These provocations are an attempt to instigate dialogue, however childish. But our leadership responds in kind which makes this dangerous. Then living in a war economy, and we do, the default is aggression.