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Enhancing Voter Turnout: A Primary Concern


Enhancing Voter Turnout: A Primary Concern

Allegra Chapman

American democracy has been on a roll. Over the past few weeks, courts across the country have affirmed that we are better when everyone participates and each voter’s voice is heard.


i still would like to see a very low voter turn out for both Clinton and Trump. Thinking it through I've decided it would send a message to Elite Management, Inc. if there was a huge turnout with the "electors committed to" spaces for Trump and Clinton left blank. If people would write Jill Stein or one of the other non duopoly candidates, that would work.

I was mistaken to urge nonvoting so I revise that to urge people, plead with people, beg people to not vote for Trump or Clinton, neither one of which is much of a lesser evil.

I wouldn't want to go to that "better place" knowing that I made even a minuscule single vote contribution to either one being in there locked and loaded with nukes, neither one finding anything the least bit "unthinkable" about using them.


In #3 above, for determining the dates of state Primaries, how about a lottery? Each Secretary of State "draws a straw", so to speak, to determine that state's place on the calendar.

There are other issues here that need to be addressed. For instance, myself and many, many others in the Democratic Primary were sodomized right in the voting booth by Hillary and the DNC, as they rigged Primary after Primary. What good does it do to go to the polls when Diebold and cohorts in the electronic vote-shifting industry have programmed the winners into the machines far in advance? Unless and until election fraud is a Capitol Offense (meaning death penalty), voting should be called The National Charade. The cost to the world of the stolen election of 2000 has been millions of lives lost, antiquities stolen or destroyed, and trillions of dollars pissed away by the team that wrongfully benefited from the stolen election. Nobody even served any time for that crime, let alone a trip to the guillotine. Voters have almost TOTALLY lost confidence is our world-class election corruptions. After being so screwed in the Presidential Primary, who is going to bother with their state primary?


"We've become now an oligarchy instead of a democracy. And I think
that's been the worst damage to the basic moral and ethical standards of
the American political system that I've ever seen in my life," Jimmy Carter said to Oprah Winfrey. I think Jimmy knows what he's talking about, Ms. Chapman. He's the only former president worth listening to, back from the time when there were liberal democrats around.

Voter turnout is a real problem because there's no one to vote for. If there were a real leader out there to vote for, and if there were the assurance that my vote is counted and your vote is counted, and the total vote count represents an actual and accurate accounting of the choices of the American voters, then the vote count would be respectable. But there is no leader out there. The electoral system doesn't work and you have no assurance that your vote is counted. Would you like a recount? Won't happen and it's not even possible in most cases.

You live in a fantasy world, Ms. Chapman. This is not a "democracy". Voter turnout is not the problem. If the turnout were outrageously low like 20%, the people who count the votes could conceivably rig the numbers. It might be difficult to spin 20% into 45%, but with our black box voting system, how would you know? How could you prove the turnout was only 20%? But if people became aware of how miserably low turnout was, maybe there would be a ground swell to do something, like make a "political revolution".


We'll have Obama decree that the social security card is ID for voting anywhere anytime. Stops voter suppression. Stop running the walking Barbituate as a candidate, and go back to Party voting where one X on Democratic Party votes for all offices and initiatives in the Democratic way so Party loyalists can vote fast.


That's it in a nutshell. Both major party candidates are running single issue campaigns, their issue being their opponent is bad bad bad. Once in awhile they make a speech about something like the economy or foreign policy. Those speeches sound like exactly what they are; instantly forgettable political professional speechwriter boilerplate.

It may be a longshot hope, an attainable dream, but I would love to see everybody express the widespread revulsion for both by having nobody vote for either one of them.

Voting for Jill Stein of the Greens, Gary Johnson of the Libertarians, or better, vote for everything else but leave the spaces for "electors pledged to vote for . . . " the Duopoly Duo I blank. Let those who stuck the US electorate with these two documented criminal panderers that this is utterly unacceptable.

If this causes both parties to collapse into disarray . . . Good! If everything does last until the 2018 Mid Terms, maybe the movers and shakers and accomplices behind electoral politics could grow up and stop being so dangerously out of touch with real world reality and the issues that need to be dealt with before they reach critical mass destruction.


I wanted to understand how the order of the states in primaries affects the shift in delegate counts, either to the left or the right. We have seen in the 2016 Democratic primaries that the early lead in delegates in support of Hillary Clinton were only later balanced by about the same number of delegates in support of Bernie Sanders, which leads to biased assumptions about the viability of each candidate.

I also wanted to experiment with some alternative orderings of the states to see if we could do better and find an ordering that could be adopted in the future. Here is the result.