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Enormous, 'Seriously Destabilizing' NATO War Games Begin in Poland



Want even more of this nightmare scenario? Support Clinton for more Obama/NATO warmongering on steroids - the Red Queen never met a war she didn't like - or foment......."Off with their heads"!


Why the F**K do we keep going through this same shit year after year, decade after decade into infinity?


While I am a strong supporter of NATO and wary of Russian designs on the independence of former Soviet satellites, these war games are a singularly risky and stupid move. I can think of no justification for the heavy US military presence that close to Russia except as a ploy to goad Putin into a dangerous countermove.

Obama would do well to simply do nothing in that part of the world. The existing alliance is a sufficient warning to any aggression from Moscow, and there is no need whatsoever to "reassure" nervous allies in Poland, Lithuania etc. If anything, they should know the US alliance is there without being so stupid as to presume on it as a pretext to annoy Putin. They should all,from Obama to Putin. just take time off and read Tolstoy rather than run around playing soldiers. Situations like this have had a pattern of getting entirely out of control.


Perhaps you can post a link to any agreement if you think it took place ?

It is very unfortunate that we are back to Cold War mentality but it is not NATO fault, it is the response to Putins aggression.


All verbal, as Noam Chomsky has frequently pointed out since Bill Clinton started advancing NATO positions well beyond the former East German borders.


Our government is preparing for an attack on Russia and there is a deafening silence a total lack of media coverage by the corporate news outlets. Where are the outcries and the anti war demonstrations to stop the madness before its too late? Killery has already hinted at exacerbating the US Russia tensions. Russia cannot afford to ignore US aggression to take root and will retaliate which will further escalate the tit for tat and the probability of accidental nuclear war.


These war games are good for business and for screwing the taxpayer for a few more $billions that should really be used domestically.


Possible answer:
Hegemonic greed and avarice fueled by some hubristic notions of exceptionalism.


I on the other hand say get the fuck outta Europe break up NATO and strengthen our homeland economy. Russia is and will not be a threat to it's former satellites that was the reason they let all of them go. Russia and China are taking actions on the economics front that poses a grave challenge to the US elite world of financial domination and the supremacy of the almighty dollar. Those are the main reasons they want to force Putin out by causing trouble inside Russia and China. The Chinese/Russian financed Silk Road that will connect Beijing to Berlin via railroad through the center of Asia scares the shit out of the tyrannical, totalitarian, monopolistic, fascist, Zionist US, British, Canadian and Israeli elites.


"Putins aggression" What bullshit! You mean that this the western response to all the lying western propaganda. I suppose that yet more propaganda will justify yet more aggression.


Oh really...



Honestly I kind of stopped at the second paragraph drawing back my attention to the colorful map still showing Crimea as part of Ukraine, which was annexed twice in past 230 years by the same country ! You guessed it it is not USA, but ....?

You do not have to go deep into history to see examples of how Hitler allied Stalin absorbed Poland and Baltic states. Finland in 39, Hungary in 56, Czech in 68 Georgia in 2008. Very colorful indeed...


War is NOT a GAME nor is it a form of PLAY! Total insanity.

Sadly, Barry McGuire's Eve of Destruction in 1965 is still relevant today...four decades and 1 year later:

The poundin' of the drums, the pride and disgrace
You can bury your dead but don't leave a trace
Hate your next door neighbor but don't forget to say grace

Read more: Barry Mcguire - Eve Of Destruction Lyrics | MetroLyrics


This is the "logic" of capitalism. War isgood business. Invest your children.


I believe that this escalation will eventually get out of hand. The timing is just what I don't know. Do the rich and powerful have another planet they can go to when this one is fried or are they collectively stupid? I pray that I am wrong.


Thank you. I wish I could like this quote from Kennedy a thousand times instead of just once.


Yes, a dangerous game aiming to check mate Russia and China using the twin pillars of war games and TPP/TTIP.


Obama should be stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize over this and more.


Pretty amazing interview with Putin I just stumbled across on YouTube.

Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS

Is he really being honest with what he says starting at 6:32??