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'Enormous Victory': US Judge Rules Suspicionless Searches of Travelers' Electronic Devices Unconstitutional

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/12/enormous-victory-us-judge-rules-suspicionless-searches-travelers-electronic-devices

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finally a judge with sense; now we have to keep SCOTUS from overturning


Yeah, this makes sense. I can understand how ordinary law abiding citizens might feel as border security personnel probably get their jollies snooping through their private stuff.


Thank you EFF and ACLU!
How do we make sure that the 4th Amendment is posted everywhere where there are travelers who need and deserve their privacy?


The Donald will order his Gestapo to ignore this ruling for his claim of “national security”.


Can you imagine how East Germans must have felt.


Woohooo!! Yay!!!
In other news… liberals, progressives and leftists politicians are willing to allow the government to unlawfully search and seize all U.S. citizens firearms.
Because non citizens matter more…I guess.
Oh… the hypocrisy…

Read much? Sen. Sanders just spoke to your concerns in Charles City, Iowa a night or two ago.
He call it unconstitutional.
The broadsides are a nice touch, though. Care to share some other baloney or are you keeping it all for yourself?


You did read the article? Nine of the ten plaintiffs were US Citizens…‘I guess’ they don’t matter?


We let that cat out of the bag long ago. This is a free country only in our propaganda.


Considering Edward Snowden’s revelation that all our emails are being systematically stored (and potentially read) by TPTB, I thought the 4th Amendment was already dead & buried. Also, didn’t I read once that photos taken on your cell phone are actually stored in some central servers owned by the phone company?


I call bs. I was held in a room stripped to underwear and shirt from 1.30pm till 9 pm at the us canadian border. They went through my old phone i had over 3400 images. Sat on a hard cold bench and my vehicle was destroyed. I called homeland and they lost the paperwork. Even a friend got sick of the corruption and was fired. DHS black balled her even from passing a background check. I was told the 7 months of training they go through they are told you are now gods. Here they go onto your property they cut cattle gates and they pull you over even if you are 10 miles from the border. Where is the aclu… oh right you have to have money to fight the bastards. I would write more and the ucc 2 laws passed i took a photo of the laws they held me on i looked them up they hold you under the color of law which states for illegal citizens entering into a port. Its a joke even these bastards do not have training and are given a .45. I listened to a convo of a girl who was asked what she did 8 months prior and she said she was a baby sitter. No common sense no military training and given a .45. I knew an older customs agent retire in the late 90s he said it was getting stupid back then. It reminds me of the term McNamara in vietnam they enlisted even men who could not read or write.


Gosh. what you wrote convinces me even more we must bein Hell here now. Oh for the return of the late 60’s early 70’s. Alas, I know we can’t go back. (sniff)

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The plaintiffs were all citizens of the United States.

Snowden’s “revelation” was actually available news years ago.

There are still some career government employees and judges that are not criminals yet. We need to keep fighting the corruption of this capitalist imperialism. Fascism is here. We may be able to arrest it.

Might want to look up the definition of fascism…lmao