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Enormously Lucky Man? Or Ultra-Deserving Deep Pocket?

Enormously Lucky Man? Or Ultra-Deserving Deep Pocket?

Sam Pizzigati
Who decides what society needs? The rich does.
"Societies that believe themselves democracies can do better. They taxed the rich progressively, at high rates, and endeavored to democratically decide how to spend the tax revenue that progressive tax rates raised." (Photo:JD Lasica/flickr/cc)
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Grand private fortunes- let them take that to a private island and get the heck out of dodge!

Not so sure what Sam’s point is here, but I don’t think anyone is deserving of this kind of wealth- There has to be A cap somewhere- Not so much with this guy but Billionaires- No one is worth A BILLION dollars, no one!
And just to complicate this travesty, along comes the repeal of the Estate Tax (Frank Luntz’s "Death Tax) If this comes to pass there will be Empires within Empires of undeserving wealth passed from generation to generation within this country- I say tax the living hell out of them!!! “Tax the rich, feed the poor, till there are no rich no more”…


Hypothetically speaking, if he had done all the article claims ALONE AND UNAIDED, he might—might!—be worth a billion dollars; but of course, nobody ever does anything beyond simple survival alone and unaided. That arrogant yo-yo from “Atlas Shrugged” certainly didn’t mine all his own ore, smelt all his own steel, lay all his own track and build and drive his own locomotives, did he?

Life, at its best, is a cooperative community project. Competition is good so long as it’s confined to a soccer field.

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Thanks for the well worded, intelligent reply-
Ayne Rand was A confused and sexually frustrated Russian Jew that was blindly enamored by men such as Frank Lloyd Wright- Men she couldn’t catch and didn’t appeal to…
And when lung cancer took her out she was all in for medicare and any government assistance provided- Kind of puts holes in her pick yourself up by the boot straps philosophy now doesn’t it?
Che Guevara was A far more deserving hero than any of her overbearing cartoon characters…

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The story of Eric Schmidt–especially at Google/Alphabet–is complicated by several factors.

Acquisitions, which happen in tech at a staggering rate. To the extent, for instance, that Schmidt had a hand in Google buying YouTube, he’s possibly incredibly smart.

The free flow of information over the internet, which might be curtailed as net neutrality hangs in the balance here, benefited the entire tech industry. Schmidt was at the right place at he right time in that regard.

Inbound marketing–putting information resources into potential consumer’s hand when they’re doing research on the internet, thereby making inroads into their purchasing decisions–has been a huge boon to Google. The internet is now big marketing machine and FaceBook and Google now take in 73% of all digital ad revenue. What did a guy with an engineering background have to do with ad revenue? Who knows?

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