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Enough. Even War Has Rules


Enough. Even War Has Rules.

Joanne Liu

The following remarks were delivered by Dr. Joanne Liu, MSF International President, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday, October 7, 2015 — just five days after the U.S. military bombing of an MSF hospital in the city of Kunduz, Afghanistan killed twenty-two people—including health providers, adult patients, and children—and wounded dozens of others.


The Geneva Convention.
That was declared "quaint" by the Bush Administration (White House counsel Alberto Gonzales)

These are War Criminals - one and all.
Bush, Cheney, Kissinger, Clinton, Obama ... When will we hold these people accountable for their crimes?


Few organizations deserve more respect than Doctors without Borders. The idea that the U.S. military would wittingly attack doctors is beyond the pale. Note, too, that there's been an uptick in attacks on journalists, students, and environmental activists added to that of whistle blowers. In other words, all those persons doing their best to counter the make-war machine and its partner in ecocide, global corporations. Both only honor the law of the jungle or the axiom that Might Makes Right.

Honoring the Geneva Conventions is overdue and no organization deserves this lawful protection more than Doctors Without Borders.

The M.A.D.ness must be stopped!


It's looking very unlikely - any such call to bring war criminals to justice on part of the left blogosphere might hurt Bernie Sanders nomination chances.


Wow was that a creepy blow below the belt. You are foul and weak. Like you show compassion for those people by making this about Bernie? Seriously weak minded crap. You engender utter disrespect for whatever you support by your example. Waiting for you to express support for your side... so I will know the caliber of those that support it. Wow ... really crappy stuff pal... you are a fool.


Bush was shown to be an incompetent bully and a dunce. Military people complained that the Geneva Convention works both ways and protects them as well. Bush and his ilk are warmongers. Not a one of those you mentioned served btw. None saw the blood and heard the screams of the wounded and dying. Corporate war in essence. How do we hold them accountable?

We publicize what they do. The MSF is right to not let them simply make excuses for what they do. If they have no conscience then embarrass them in the public's mind. Then they will fear doing such things again because it will be obvious that they can't get away with it.


So how can others help? Which among the 76 State signatories is likely to yield to pressure/demand/petition to sponsor an inquiry? You are right, there are mechanisms that are just there but not being used and will never be used if we rely on the initiatives of governments.


You're right! Public exposure is the only way to rein the sociopaths who run this planet.


Public opinion ended the war in Vietnam. Maybe public opinion needs to make itself known about ending this insane 'endless' war mentality.

Endless war means that you never win and don't expect to win either. A lack of competency gets disguised as inevitability. In essence an endless war really means endlessly losing a war. There is no winning a war that doesn't end. Who thought of this bull?

Politician's came up with this PR driven concept. They think nothing about sending men (and women) to fight in an endless conflict ( a conflict that they are not competent to win nor resolve.

It's like Bush the Boob is still running things as incompetently as ever.


The 0.001% that owns the MICC and reaps the enormous profits that endless war gives them. Apparently they have been able to buy the governments and either staff them with pro-war, war profits, people, or depose the peacemakers and put good pro-corporatist warmongers in their place.


You're right about Vietnam, too. I remember the afternoon in Wash DC when I and 5000 of my sisters and brothers stood facing a line of cops 10 rows deep on either side who outnumbered us 3 to 1. We lost the battle that day and went to jail for it...but we won in the long run. And we did it in jeans and t-shirts. The cops had clubs, chest protectors, gas masks and shields. We chanted, "the whole world is watching!" When my kids asked, "what did you do in the war, Daddy?" I answered, "I helped stop the damn thing."


Good for Dr. Liu! As someone residing in Turtle Island I see the USA nation as incapable/unwilling to apply the breaks themselves so it is good someone at leasts attempts this task.


For too long good people have done nothing in the face of evil. We stopped voting and they (the right) began voting as if it were a religion. They were told to vote to hold the fort against the bleeding hearts and the peaceniks. The result was that conservatives began to predominate in government (including on the local and state level. Eventually you had the beginnings of a permanent governing class. A perfect example were Cheney and Rumsfeld. They were around from the Nixon days through the Reagan days through to GW Bush's days. They weren't the only semi-permanent fixtures in government. Kissinger was another one too.

The point was that they just wanted to get into and stay in government by whatever means necessary. Meanwhile we all stopped voting and slowly but surely the liberal and progressive candidates were pushed out for lack of popular support.

Oligarchy took over and now oligarchy is making their move for real. You and me are too old to see how this fight will end up but we stand as yet for the truth and go out standing and fighting rather than cowering and silent.

I wish the younglings luck and give them the best that I have. We've seen much and it has inoculated us against the bullshit I think. Maybe a little old school radicalism is needed to cut through the constant barrage of crap?

I certainly have no reason to lie about anything...lol. Neither do you. The truth is pretty radical these days. How about that?


I very much liked this post of yours. We rubbed shoulders I'd say (maybe even literally) ... more than once.


Good question. If MSF keeps showing leadership on this issue, I'm going to have to support them more.


Thank you for your service. I mean that sincerely.


Thank you. I used to think we should have a statue (Maybe two longhaired kids in sandals helping a third bleeding from a billy club assault) in the DC mall alongside the war monuments but now I think every human who was not killed because the war ended is monument enough.


Hope we shared a doob when we did.


I like your comment, but I would also add honoring the Bill of Rights too.


I think we should start a virtual wall where people can put indirect casualties of war. I would start with a high school friend, my wife's brother and first husband who killed themselves on motorcycles or cars and my uncle who shot himself when he returned from WWII. We should also include those who were never the same when they returned, civilian casualties and all of the above peoples' friends. This would help to show the depth of the scars of war.

I think we should bring back the draft so rich kids have to participate equally in our ridiculous wars. That should help to stop these ridiculous wars because the 1% only want to start and profit from wars, never participate.