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Enough Hesitation, House: Impeach

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/05/enough-hesitation-house-impeach

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“Never confuse motion with action."

Action: Cause (e.g. right wing assault on democracy)
Motion: Effect (e.g. Trumpism)

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Is there really any question?


The absence of impeachment proceedings is further eroding the publics confidence in the party and the political system in general.
It’s been written many times how political savvy Pelosi is and that’s why the members of the party must follow her lead. The question becomes, who exactly is benefiting from these political tactics?


The confidence began it’s nose dive when Obama & company (many of the same people today) let The Bank Mafia and Bush Crime family completely off the hook. This is just a continuation of the death spiral

As I’ve said before - Pelosi is playing ninja black belt 3D chess. The problem is that too many dumb bastards on our side don’t realize that we are her opponents, NOT the republicans, Corporations, MIC


Mueller said he couldn’t indict Trump, based on the rules of the Justice Department, no matter what criminal acts Trump committed. Hold on a second there, bucko. You’re saying that Trump engages in criminality, but is “above the law” based on a “rule” that the justice department created ex-constitution just to protect presidents while they are in office. Well, that’s pretty damn slick of you.

But we have other impeachable offense beyond the Mueller report. Let’s forget the whole stupid Russia thing, which is a ridiculous waste of time, anyway. How about these, in no particular order:
Emoluments clause. Using executive orders to unilaterally make trade decisions (tariffs); trade is solely in the hands of Congress. Using executive orders to unilaterally re-allocate funds from one purpose to another (border wall money); budgets and spending originate in the House. Purposefully damaging the health and welfare of “we the people” through fracking, the loosening of environmental laws, and denial of climate change. The destruction of public property, the deliberate sabotage of public education, the use of “acting” heads of various departments in order to avoid Congressional approval hearings (Trump openly admits he does this so as to have an ally in various departments who have not had to be vetted by Congress), etc.; this list is endless. Allowing his son-in-law to give classified information to foreign governments for personal gain. Helping Saudi Arabia develop nuclear weapons, which is against US laws. Emoluments clause, emoluments clause, emoluments clause.
There’s more, but the above is a starter list. It isn’t all about the election of 2016, dumbasses. (By dumbasses, I mean Pelosi, Schumer, et al - and NOT the readers here.)

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“Let’s forget the whole stupid Russia thing, which is a ridiculous waste of time, anyway.”
An absurd statement. Yeah, let’s not bother to figure out how the Russians manipulated voters so they can keep on doing it.

“The bottom line is that insisting that even an impeachment inquiry can’t happen until Republicans support one might be tantamount to giving Republican intransigence — and Trump’s disinformation network — total veto power over whether our political system ever even considers the question of whether Trump’s corruption and misconduct amount to the high crimes and misdemeanors that merit removal.”
Kind of like having half of the jurists in a criminal trial the defendants family and friends.

“the Mueller investigation was a two-year witch hunt”
On this one point Trump is correct.
The Democrats cannot impeach because it will expose the massive hoax they played on citizens with a ridiculous, still unproved, Russia phobic nonsense. The Democrats threw away the election by forcing a crap candidate on voters. She was rejected. Unless of course you consider that she won, but the USA is not a democracy.

Are we going to impeach Pence too? He is waiting in the wings to get his Xthian Taliban running things!