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Enough Inaction: Green Groups Sue to Make France Act Boldly on Climate Crisis


Enough Inaction: Green Groups Sue to Make France Act Boldly on Climate Crisis

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Four advocacy groups filed a lawsuit against France on Thursday for failing to take necessary action to tackle the climate crisis.

The French groups—Fondation pour la Nature et l’Homme (FNH), Greenpeace France, Notre Affaire à Tous, and Oxfam France—filed their case, which they've dubbed "l'Affaire du siècle" or the case of the century, in the administrative court of Paris.


Enough inaction? I just built an off-grid and zero fuel greenhouse in West Greenwich.

If you want a heating and hot water system that runs on 90% solar and 10% renewable electricity but no natural gas at all, that Warwick prototype is mostly done but I’m out of money. (you mean that in an alternative universe, other people pay actual money to solve engineering problems like this for the whole world?)

What’s pretty much ready for first engineering experiments? There are two better ways of storing solar thermal electricity for after dark generation. There’s a better way of solar-driven water desalination. There’s a factor of ten better above-grade transit system than anyone can imagine. There’s more. Ready? Got the funding yet?

In other words, politicians who just want to put on a green shirt on Tuesdays need to see these lawsuits.


Is there a class action lawsuit against U.S. owned fossil fuel producers and users for knowingly killing the planet? Or more accurately, knowingly polluting the planet to a lethal level.
Well there should be. Perhaps a pre-trial settlement with proceeds going to address climate change conditions would be possible. Can’t wait too long.