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'Enough Is Enough': Chile Trade Unions Call for General Strike in Support of Student-Led Uprising

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/21/enough-enough-chile-trade-unions-call-general-strike-support-student-led-uprising

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“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”

― Pablo Neruda


I truly don’t know if what I’m about to type is actually a fact, but the evidence leads me that way when it comes to things we are now seeing WORLDWIDE as far as “people empowerment”: THANK YOU BERNIE SANDERS!!!


I’m a Neruda fan

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Carl, I wish we could see some people power here too. Watching Bernie’s rally on Saturday, I was dreaming about a turn out for Bernie day all over the country. That would be a great day!


The system is the problem indeed! Solidarity! This time let’s make certain the US America stays the hell out!


Indeed. Here in the US our unions have been decimated on purpose by the same corporate captured government as businesses literally write our laws. All our true left groups also have been systematically decimated. Things will have to get much worse before any uprising or total non cooperation.


It’s time for the citizens of Chile to read mario Savio’s speech at Cal Berkley in the 1960s. I’m glad the kids started this necessary movement, because they don’t have jobs to lose and aren’t afraid of speaking the truth. But like that Savio speech says, you have to put your body on the gears of that governmental greed machine and grind that machine to a stop.


No more billionaire leaders in politics! No more billionaires period!

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Not only will things have to get worse but but people here in the US will have to finally learn who has been screwing them and how. With the likes of Fox news out there, there’s too much deliberate obfuscation going on for people to get a clear understanding.

The enlightened could secede and form a separate government system. A separate monetary system other than capitalism. Separate banking system…
A fair democracy without the cheaters. A boycott of existing commerce and the forming of a co-op economy at the same time. The present phony economy will fail the capitalists without it’s consumer slaves.
A bloodless revolution, hopefully. One can dream. After all, we live in a fantasy country anyway.

You have it reversed. Bernie should be thanking the worldwide protesters for giving him added opportunities to castigate oligarchy and sing the praises of mass political movement.

I mean, Bernie is inspiring, but I sure as hell don’t see anything near the levels of unrest here compared to what’s happening in 6 or 8 countries across the world. And let’s be real: Bernie has a way to go on foreign policy in general. His position on Venezuela leaps to mind…