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'Enough is Enough': Sanders Demands Treasury Block Pfizer Tax Dodging Deal


'Enough is Enough': Sanders Demands Treasury Block Pfizer Tax Dodging Deal

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In a bid to prevent what has been called the biggest tax evasion scheme of its kind—and others like it—Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has urged U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to use his agency's authority to block the planned merger of two pharmaceutical giants.


This is what neo-liberals like Obama and Clinton call “free trade.” Companies like Pfizer pay them to get the right to sell their products in the U.S. without any tariffs and keep the profits offshore. On top of that they pay the pols to make sure U.S. citizens have to pay for their drugs retail even when much of the research that creates them are underwritten by our taxes. The whole corrupt deal is one reason there is so much anger out here.


These “inversion” schemes are evasions by corporations to avoid giving-back to the nation and people that make their financial success possible - but they want more! ANY such evasion or other greed-driven mechanism should be cause for legal actions, or at very least a fee or penalty on the corporation equal to the evasion to allow them to market any product within our borders! Any loss of American jobs to overseas should also be included in the penalty…how many billions do corporations evade annually by using one scheme or tax-dodge after another? It is true and totally unacceptable that corrupt government has fostered, tolerated or been complicit to these corporate evasions, and that “lost” revenue is then taken out of the pockets of the middle-class and poor by a variety of federal, state or local mechanisms - higher taxes or “fees” - taxation by another name!

If the TTP, TTIP and the other alphabet trade-deal scams are passed, we will see more looting of America and the world to fill the troughs of the swine who use people, the environment and Mother Earth to generate profits above all else! ENOUGH!


This is just one more example of neo-liberalism, a direct component of Capitalism to reign in more profits for the capitalist ruling class via reduced taxation of the capitalist ruling class and multi-national corporations which directly reduces the funds available for the much-needed social programs like:

  • Drastically reducing poverty and providing an environment for full employment and providing those who are retired or disabled or otherwise unable to work with a guaranteed livable income … not a minimal “shadow” of an income that automatically forces these people in poverty,

  • Providing quality, free public education from preschool to a 4-year degree from a state college or university,

  • Construct and maintain a modern and safe infrastructure,

  • Providing a single-payer health care system,

  • Creating millions of good paying jobs to transition the country’s dependence on fossil fuels to renewable clean energy, and

  • Many more benefits and programs that benefit all people … not just the capitalist ruling class and the multi-national corporations.

A capitalist system, whose prime directive is the production of capital, will work constantly to refine and improve its ability to do just that. It will continue until it is stopped by an external force of some kind, or it collapses under its own weight.

Source: http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/35210-growing-growing-gone-transforming-the-global-economy-before-it-s-too-late#14580053085781&action=collapse_widget&id=0&data=


And our Universities also are purloined of all of their research on these new drugs for FREE, at tax payer expense!
This slick, slight of hand bullshit needs to come to an immediate halt- I certainly hope U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is listening and will stop this!!!


Bernie or bust!


heres a ‘like’ double-down on hopes Lew is listening… this Lew’s for you…


Drop in the bucket nature boy. As a widow of retired military my multi-
medications are provided by contract with the Feds. Though all by law
must be generic or there are much higher copays though not denied
with few exceptions I’m not sure how many are purchased from Pzizer,
but the contract with Express Scripts has been renewed since 2003
by Congress. Thanks to perhaps the contributions made just so for
for 2016. Is your MC on the committee listed? Without this earned
benefit, I would be among those seniors choosing between food and

Is it a surprise those receiving their medications under this program
might choose to support Repugs though my late spouse and I never
did. btw as an Agent Orange widowwithout this benefit, I would be
eligible for meds from the VA. Not sure who has that contract. Maybe
Trump knows, LOL.?



I’d add accountability and clean up of pollution dumped tracking back through acquisition/takeover records and reimbursement for decades and centuries of costs related to the poisoning of communities and biomes. And failing that … all of the above that you outline

The entire model is immoral!


That is rather witty there theoldgoat- :grinning:


Here is where to sign Bernie’s Petition to tell Pfizer that this in Unacceptable!!!


He is going strong (after speaking earlier to a crowd of 14,000 in SLC)in Arizona live:



The Re-Thuglicans support this off-shoring for their Corporate Pay-masters. As do the Dimo-Crats.


Who do you think created all these loopholes in tax laws so these greedy bastards can skate on paying their share of the american dream…All laws concerning taxes always have imput from the very ones the taxes effect…That is why investment income is not considered income…haha nice play on words eh…They are only taxed at 15% on that income and by the time they include all the deductions they wont pay shit in taxes…To me income is income and all of it should be taxed…I pay my taxes every week and I dont bitch n moan I am happy to have a job where I can pay taxes…And hold my head up and say I am an American…because I support America with my taxes…Drug companies have to much money now as it is and to much power because they throw it all around in washington getting crooked Democrats and republicans to keep their profits free of any intervention…Time for this to stop…VOTE BERNIE,Hillary is already been bought off.


To a corporation no amount of profit will ever be enough…If they made 2 Billion this year the investors and CEOs will say ok but how about next year we do 4 Billion…and the next year 10 billion etcf etc…no end…If…And if the goal includes laying off people and or moving to another country to aviod taxes they will…And then they cry about paying taxes when they have Billions stashed off shore…It is rediculous…And then tell us they need all this money for research and development is absurd…


It is quite simple, not sophisticated one whit, they’re cheating, have been cheating, and if the people’s administrators and representatives allow it to continue, will cheat ad infinitum.


“Companies like Pfizer pay them…”

Companies pay people like the Clinton’s and the other revolving door sharks playing the role of indispensable bureaucrats with outrageous “speaking fees.” This is bribery, plain and simple. The vast taxpaying majority, the 90+%, is and has been played for suckers for way too long! When we wake up to this with a long overdue roar watch out. It might take a while longer, for as someone said, “a sucker is born every minute”, but as history has proved time and again, suckers do wake up and with vengeance as their goal. Bernie Sanders is too old to take the speaking fee bribes and his record proves he wouldn’t anyway; again I say, Bernie is giving his last days for his country to wake us up to our chance for a “political revolution” by the people, for the people to take back “our” government for the vast majority before the inevitable revolution occurs. It is for us to decide which it will be.


At home last night, I watched Bernie’s Tucson, AZ Rally on ABC News’ stream on Youtube. This was a live feed (It turns out, with a built-in delay). At around 51 minutes in, Bernie made a reference to “Trump” - BUT it was interrupted. Later in the replay, the interruption was kept! lol I’m sure that it was a trump delete, because earlier that day, Bernie gave almost the exact same speech in Salt Lake City using a disparaging comment (rightly so) about “Trump’s” use of its blatant campaign bigotry.

Obviously someone in charge (at ABC?) of the stream may like trump a little too much and hid exculpatory evidence, given by a sitting U.S.Senator, from the Arizona politically Right who might have been watching? Yuk. So, here it is. What the??? Hey? Yer right Bernie the system is rigged. Quoting William Shakespeare, “There is [still] something rotten in Denmark.” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjNNHi3fIwQ


Who is “News Universe Channel”? The live feed from ABC at the Tucson Convention Center last night was VERY DIFFERENT? Why’s that?

Who is “News Universe Channel”? The guy on this video that you have us watching says her got this video from “News Universe Channel” I have the same supposed Youtube ABC video here. Look! This is different, very different - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjNNHi3fIwQ

What’s goin’ on?