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Enough, My Beloved Colleagues

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2021/01/13/enough-my-beloved-colleagues


And undergirding all this is the essential crime that is capitalism.


“My illness won today. Please look after each other, the animals, and the global poor for me. All my love.”

My deepest sympathies to Rep. Raskin and his family and to those who lost another spoke person for human decency.

Let his death make us redouble our efforts, no matter how impossible it might seem, to envision and work toward societies founded on justice, love, peace, and equality.

Poem by Allen Ginsberg, America



Our culture has become exponentially more difficult for creatives and empaths. Every day is a struggle to try to deal with the demons of uncaring, of lack of compassion and empathy, watching the ongoing lack of concern over the destruction of our world. Just trying to cross a roadway is playing Russian Roulette as people’s main goal is to get to wherever as fast as possible and damn the poor pedestrian with a white cane.
We can no longer answer a telephone call if we’re not familiar with the phone number because of scammers. We’re bombarded by adverts everywhere. We don’t have health care-doctors are allowed only a few minutes per patient. For those of us with mental health issues, that’s a bandaid on a slashed artery.
Worst of all…we’ve always been this way. Counter-Dependence and total global domination, steamrolling all others who object. Sorry, Congressman, for the death of your beloved son, but the system won’t change. Only a complete reset will work.


Like others have posted here, I’m sorry for Congressman Raskin’s loss.
As well, I’m sorry for the thousands to millions in Yemen who have died and who will die as a function of terroristic U. S. foreign policy. I’m sorry for the hundreds of thousands of lives lost just here in the U. S. – to SARS-CoV-19, to cancer, to heart disease, to the fossil-fuel-driven speed industry, to all the various manifestations of capitalism and its reliance on collateral damages and deaths and consuming the natural world to death to maintain its profits and contrived “legality” – due to the abject criminal negligence and rancid political posturing by the Congress and the Executive. I’m sorry for Palestinian citizens beaten to death or shot and kids massacred while playing because the U. S. government and its Zionist-fascist members of Congress and all living Presidents have seen fit to bestow the right upon the Israeli government to kill with impunity. I’m sorry for the millions of Iraqi, Syrian, Venezuelan, Indonesian, Peruvian, Ukrainian, Panamanian, Congolese, Libyans, Vietnamese, Filipino, native and black Americans, Latin immigrants, and all humans and plants and animals who have died because of the complete lack of social responsibility and accountability by elected war criminals and the corporations they serve. I’m sorry, too, for all the U. S. citizens who’ve volunteered their military service and made the unfortunate decision to serve on behalf of U. S. fascism, militarism, and fascism, and corporate hegemony over all the living. I’m sorry for future events that will take human lives because of past, present, and future arms production and sales by the U. S. government and the inhumane, anti-life, criminally negligent weapons industry. And, perhaps most of all, I’m sorry I have to live in the midst of the abject human ignorance, hate, denial, delusion, and apathy that abides by the deliberately malicious and reckless, deceitful terror deployed by the U.S. government, its overprivileged and corrupt political class, and the corporations that reap profits based on body counts.


Thank you.


Thank you for stating this here.


I hope they get cots or inflatable mattresses for the National Guard. Finally the military gets to actually protect us for a change. The last time the military was stationed there was during the Civil War; but the Confederate traitors never made it across the river. On the sixth some of them finally made it.


Thank you for that insightful noting of our real problem. While the attention focuses upon the very real incidents of violence,bigotry, hatred and treasonous behavior that fill our news and our TV screens we are all too easily distracted by the fact that the underlying cause of it all is rampant Capitalism gone unchecked.

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Very well and most eloquently stated. Thank you.


I feel your pain but believe you need to define what you say is a “complete reset”.

Ohhhhh, Abby…normally, I adores ya, Honey, but not today.
What was the purpose in talking about how Tommy died?
What was gained by conflating two significant events, Jaime’s political courage and action, and Tommy’s death and thereby diluting the significance of both?

And if you HAD to go there about Tommy, where’s the information about the memorial fund established in his name and how to donate to it?

The curse of being BORN a creative, empath and/or highly sensitive individual in our “modern” world is far more than just painful. It is mental AND physical agony, nearly torture if you will. Psychotropic drugs, self-medication (!) and/or self-imposed isolation from “civil” society cannot change who and what you are. Growing a walnut shell defense mechanism does not ameliorate to any great extent the ongoing assaults.

A late 1970’s Star Trek episode: “Empath,” although fiction, does provide a glimpse…


“Other” oriented. Not “I, Me, Mine,” rather “We, Us, Ours.”


Yes, it is “other” oriented. I’ve lived almost 70 years, most of that in continual protest against capitalism, militarism, U. S. imperialism, injustice. I have withheld federal taxes in protest, and been investigated by several state and federal agencies for condemning authoritarianism and government corruption, never charged because I’ve never participated in nor advocated violence. So, yes, I do blame “others” who act in their sociopathic self-interests and wage wars for profit and political leverage, to lay waste to the Earth to maintain an illegitimate, exploitive, and murderous economic paradigm. I will continue to do so beyond my death, in the hearts and souls and minds of those who outlast me.

If you are intending to be inclusive of all of us who share conscience in our disdain and condemnation and empathy, then I humbly thank you. I don’t presume to represent the positions of others, and am grateful for those who share my passion in challenging authority and the status quo, and doing what we can to maintain some semblance of sanity and humanity on this exquisite and nurturing planet. Nevertheless, in seeking peace and justice, yet unrequited across the long arc of human existence, I weep for all our failures.


Omg my condolences to the family. SMDH

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Several times I’ve read your statement, and it is heartfelt and most meaningful.
Dr. King’s birthday holiday is celebrated tomorrow, and it is appropriate reflection on his mission and beliefs.

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Thank you, Bill. Growing up, although I didn’t necessarily realize this at the time, Martin Luther King, Jr. was influential towards my re-learning U. S. history, and advocating for the poor and the oppressed, and against injustice, violence, racism, militarism, and war. I still grieve for all of us losing his inspirational leadership and courage, yet maintain the vision that his heart and his soul live on in those who continue to resist hate and violence and injustice in his memory, to this day and into tomorrow.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Presente!