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'Enough': Students Walk Out Nationwide to Protest Inaction on Gun Violence


'Enough': Students Walk Out Nationwide to Protest Inaction on Gun Violence

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

At 10am local time, students at more than 3,000 high schools across the country planned to participate in the 17-minute "Enough" walkout on Wednesday—exactly one month after 17 people were killed in the Parkland, Florida shooting—to protest Congress's failure to enhance national gun control regulatons.


Come on peoples, everyone walk out…


I support the young people in their highly dignified coordination of student bodies to express a long overdue demand and show of visibility to counter the gun manufacture and sales lobby.

Understanding Swiss policies and practices might be a valuable place to start
The Swiss Difference: A Gun Culture That Works [2012]

Societal comparison also in 2012 points out:
This is also a country with a population smaller than New York City. According to 2011 data from the IMF, Switzerland has a GDP per capita of $83,073, almost double that of the US, or other European countries like the UK or France. The CIA says 6.9 percent of the country lives below the poverty line, compared to 15.1 in the US or 14 in the UK

Inequality is also a trigger for dynamics that cross otherwise siloed issues granted or given ‘titles’ in media reporting. If these and other issues are not considered, the probability of resolution, I would submit, will remain disturbingly low.


Does the protest include the thousands of children murdered overseas by #USimperial forces, and authorized and funded by #Congress for the last 16 years? #NationalWalkoutDay


These are all reasonable demands which infringe on nothing except exposing the corrupt connection between the NRA and Congress.


An MSNBC or CNN anchor was asking after speaking to a 12 year old and his Dad at one of the school walkouts, “How old should kids be to protest?”

I say, if a child is young enough to die in a school shooting, they’re old enough to protest.


" high schools across the country planned to participate in the 17-minute “Enough” walkout on Wednesday"

17 Minutes? Did I get that right? That will really show them…


Power to the children, God knows you’re right! Surely it is beyond pathetic if the “adults” in America continue to fail to see the light in these things that their dear children are asking.


No coordinated 17 minute protest will even be noticed let alone make change. What is wrong with this country Ditton? All the students and teachers should be walking out everywhere and not going back until something is done. They should be apoplectic in their anger. It’s like they castrated this entire country…then lobotomized them.
Yesterday they were cheering the West Virginia teachers on their great union strike…for crumbs taken out of the mouths of people even more disenfranchised then themselves. That isn’t winning. It’s like up is down and in is out and nobody questions the insanity.


I agree with Dan. Although I respect the HELL out of these students, 17 minutes isn’t anything. It will change nothing. Now - a walk-out that does not end until change in gun laws occurs: THAT would be something powerful.

Alas, never gonna happen. Not in America. Our revolutionary spirit died out 250 years ago.


I am flattered you would ask me, I wish I knew. I think we have forgotten what got us here, a bit of common decency towards one another, human kindness, respect. We are dazzled by toys instead of the amazing things we can do when helping each other. What we see on the external is what is inside us all. We need to relearn what it means to give without reward. Okay, off the soap-box, if I don’t stop I never will :slight_smile:
You are correct, what is up was once down, all the rest. To ask the question is a start. We all have the answer, it’s inside begging to get out.


We still have that Revoultionary DNA in our veins, it’s being bombarded by false choice and propaganda, but it’s there; more and more people are connecting to it, especially among our youth. What concerns me is how the Democratic Party, through its connection to or cooptation of the Women’s March, is in the process of co-opting this effort as well, which won’t bode well for the students in terms of making a difference. The students, the vast majority too young to be partisans, are raising awareness around a non-partisan issue and making headway. In swoop Democratic Party operatives with advice and tools, to literally teach the kids, who had so far been successful in their organizing, what they should do next, when they are perfectly capable of figuring it out for themselves and already have tools at their disposal. Unfortunately, these kids have basically become poster children for Democratic Party recruiting among young people, without the Democratic Party actually having to articulate and stand by a clear position.


Excellent point. Just like the D Party coopted the Occupy movement, then the Democratic President Obama coordinated with police departments across the country to launch timed raids of Occupy camps. :slight_smile:


Seriously, you have to be kidding me right?

My fucking God.

Tough crowd.

Hey kids, ignore this kind of pointless cynicism.


And the teachers too?

Damn. And what’s the problem again with them? Whose crumbs?

Should those teachers also be protesting wars of Empire as well? Single Payer? The Genocide of American Indians?

I mean, I can’t believe the gall of these teachers!

And the students!!! For shame!!!


Yeah, these brave kids should make Trump ashamed! What more proof does one need to see that Trump is a coward who is terrified of the NRA!


Meanwhile the keyboard warriors clack away finding fault with kids.

It boggles the mind. Make them the problem.

I mean it’s not like they’ve only had a few years to get oriented to the hell people your age have created for them or anything like that, and getting shot in the process.



Lots on this forum are staging their own “walk out” on these kids.

Go figure.


Meanwhile the Dems are crowing over their great DINO victory in PA where Lamb won by 1,000 votes. The former combat officer and current prosecutor ran on a program in which he rejected national gun-control legislation after the the FL slaughter and espoused “bipartisanship” and nonpartisan with gusto. Great victory. At least we have the kids.


The child’s sign reads: “One Child Is Worth More Than ALL the Guns on Earth”

Yes, yes, yes. And that goes for every child on Earth, which is something I am sure the child holding this sign would agree with. It is on us adults who have had more experience with how our elite-managed mass-media culture frames everything in carefully political ways that steer the conversation in ways that limit deeper and broader critiques, as much as possible–it is on us to question the frames put around people’s cries for freedom and sanity and peace. In this case, it is on us to question why we can’t extend our empathy to the children of Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Honduras and everywhere–children likewise cut down by weapons of mass destruction, weapons likewise produced and sold for profit by the merchants of death, the weapons makers, who are headquartered more than anywhere else in this country whose white supremacist, patriarchal militarism is, to paraphrase the late Dr. King, the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.

When we can connect ALL the red dots, see all the red threads weaving us together, we can begin to make universal human rights the foundation for peace.