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Enough War: Living Beneath Bombs, Yemenis Refuse to be Collateral Damage


Enough War: Living Beneath Bombs, Yemenis Refuse to be Collateral Damage

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Nearly two weeks into a Saudi-led military assault on Yemen, that has rained down bombs on civilian neighborhoods and infrastructure while locking out food and medical aid, people within the country and across the global diaspora are turning to social media—and to the streets—to send a message to the world: Enough War.


Of course this bombardment of Yemen is approved by the US even potentially supported and planned by it. Have you ever seen anything violent and deadly that is not a part of US foreign policy? The US has sold so many weapons to the opposing parties in Middle East wars that its military/industrial complex is obscenely rolling in money. Of course all that money is stained in the blood of many men, women and children. Not that it makes any difference to the oligarchs running the US as long as their wallets get fattened, they could care less how many died to fatten them.


The USA & other NATO countries must end aid to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are doing the same thing to Yemen that the USA did to Afghanistan, Iraq & Libya. The Saudis should fight their monarchy & demand they step down.


The US is actively participating with its air force refueling Saudi Aircraft as those Saudis launch those bombing sorties.


There will never be: Enough War, until enough people revolt against the # 1 terrorist country in the world and say: " ENOUGH"!


The House of Saud is terrified of SA’s “citizens” learning of civil unrest. Yemen is just too close and there are numerous familial links between the two “nations”. The west is in a panic of disruption in SA’s oil production. Where oil can be pumped out of the ground there shall be blood pumped in–Petroeconomics 101.


Time for the US as the worst offender and the world to understand that bombs destroy the people, civilization, pollute and make future life unlivable. Go to the sites in and around Vietnam generations later where US cluster bombs still explode and agent orange remains in the soil and plant life. “Shock and awe” from Bushco should make the US a criminal nation even in the US where the adventure is still celebrated in the corporate media. Proxy wars for the power of a few wealthy men do not belong in the 21st century.


The “Union of Sunni Dictatorships” attack on the population of Yemen has killed at “least 643 people and wounded 2,226 since March 19”, but the numbers measure it as still not quite as brutal as the violence, death, and destruction perpetrated by the Israeli war machine on Gaza by the Zionist Likud’s “Operation Protective Edge”. Much like in Gaza, the real number of victims will not be known until all the bodies are dug out of the rubble and reported as unequivocally deceased, which will more than likely be never.


It sad when narration skip reporting the distressed pain and horror of war waged against the people of South Yemen that merged with the North in 1990. The same lawless army today rampaged the South in 1994 with Al Qaeda and war lord only to deprive the Southerns of their livelihood. The same army with a new alliance, Houthis, is destroying Aden and all other parts of the South to punish their civil sit in insisting on getting their rights. This real war and killing is inflicted on Adanes, Dhaliaa, Lahj, Abyan and Shebwa. This is the real issue that failed to be even noticed!

This militia with the the deposed president staged a counter revolution using the elite army units against the interim president and bombard the presidential palace in Aden with rusian plane only to disturbed the whole process of road map that aim yo setup a civil rule and power-sharing instead of dictatorship of any kind. The Houthi, liked this game to gain power of 1400 years to fulfill their Shia rule as Iran. Then Iran planes and ships started coming to Hodidah and Sanaa ports illigally! The Houthi with army started threatening the Saudi and massed their forces on the Saudi Borders.
to meet the popular uprising “in the North of Yemen” in 2011.

They went against the people aspiration of North Yemen. And refused to sign the new proposed constitional draft produced by Yemeni representatives including these same faction!

The elected president asked the gulf counties and un to protect whatever is left.

Go back to the Yemeni Dialogue or UN Website to learn about the whole process

Yes it sad that we are in this mess while the Houthi still insist on “their right of rule” and their right to fight and control 70%: if not more of the population!:


So very true and almost all of the government contractor corporations like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and GE hire white male Anglos. It’s kind of like bribery, in similar manner the police too are almost all Anglo males they create a layer of protection against mas revolt. I often wondered why there are almost no pretty white chicks, middle aged white men or women seen in street demonstrations. Well it’s because they are effectively bought and enslaved by the 1% super wealthy elite thieves.


This war will eventually topple the Saudi regime unfortunately not without too many innocent lost lives. The more vicious the Saudi bombardment, the sooner they’ll go down.