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Enraged Clergy To Trump: Your Hands Are Too Small To Box With God

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/06/02/enraged-clergy-trump-your-hands-are-too-small-box-god


“This is an awful man, waving a book he hasn’t read, in front of a church he doesn’t attend, invoking laws he doesn’t understand, against fellow Americans he sees as enemies.”
Good synopsis by Rev. Mariann Budd of the puerile person who occupies the WH. Besdies that same person can’t read except maybe a comic book for a two year old.

Class Action suit against the government for their terrorist attack against peaceful clergy in support of the peaceful protestors.


maybe this will wake the consciences of the main stream christian churches–who have been silent in the face of the bastardization of their religion by cruel, vicious know nothings for too many decades


“God is always on the side of the oppressed"
That may be true, but throughout its history the chatolic church has always been on the side of the oppressors. Of course, they themselves were just as often the ones doing the oppression.


Sadly, a functional legal system is a prerequisite for legal action.


You can interpret the bible however you wish ,that’s the problem with these old books .
Half of it was written by men and the other half made up.
Do you think a society can evolve using these old books of which we seriously have never challenged ?
You created a two faced God …Malevolent/Benevolent ,a god who isn’t real a dictator ,a god of only make believe having nothing to do with ultimate reality.

The only question is …what would love do now ?


Places of worship have traditionally been places of sanctuary, where a person could hide from the Rulers of that particular time and place. Unless, of course, it fit the agenda to allow the fugitive to be returned to the Rulers.
In the latest unspeakable action by Trump to show he’s Dominator, he had his thugs clear out a church and then allegedly holding up a Bible, hoping to garner support from the African-American community. It was really to show he has the power and willingness and people behind him to take down any institution that dares to defy him. It was a warning. Next on tap-live ammo fired by the military on peaceful protestors. That’s nothing new, either. It was used during the massive labor strikes of the late 1800’s.
The Dominator/Elite way of our culture must be completely changed to one of equality and partnership. It will be a long endeavor as we must deal with media obsessed with images of military and violence to solve problems, especially in films and programs aimed at young males(think of Infinity War and all the television programs using violence as the only way to deal with life) But we can do it.


Trump has his eyes on Satan’s job now.


It is astounding how many evangelical Christians support the biggest terrorist, racist, looter, murderer in the US right now. I hope they see him for the devil he is now.
I know, I know…but I can dream, can’t I?!


Absolutely right on!

I have always been appalled by the cavalier displays of violence and aggression spewed out by movies and TV shows. It’s the easy ego-default to solve all problems with weapons of death and destruction. It’s repellent. And yet it’s so pervasive it has inculcated society with a “Second Amendment Mentality” of fearing others and trusting in nothing and no one except other egoistic buffoons.

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Full disclosure: I won’t vote for war criminals. or rapists. so I won’t be voting Trump or Biden ever.
However, I think Trump is going to lose big. His con is falling in on itself. I suspect that his support staff has been infiltrated by Bushies, other Repubs, who have decided to let Biden get in. By November he might be in a straight jacket.

  1. He needs to convince a pretty good number of independents. His church and bible stunts will turn them off.
  2. He needs to turn out the base, a mix of non-religious narcissistic racists and emotionally scarred confused “born agains”. They are his base. Their anger will grow. Their numbers won’t grow.
  3. Farmers have supported him until now. They are 90% Republican but most are not hard core haters. Many go to church. The China trade war is really scaring them. The “bible” fire and brimstone stunts will likely not move them closer to Trump. I predict they’ll stay at home.
    Biden is an empty suit. a whore for the powerful. They’re going with him. Look for war criminal W. Bush to endorse Biden. Then it’s over for Trump. He will be destroyed while the American empire devolves and hopefully focuses on pulling back its imperial machine.

And after Braindead Ideologue Demanding Endless Neoliberalism beats Trump (assuming he does) the USA will vote in some monster worse than either of them next time around. But I suspect the USA will be in utter chaos long before that happens. Think Lord of the Flies meets Mad Max.


While the church hierarchy has been demonstrably corrupt, there are Christians who live their values. I’m not going to exaggerate how many – but I’ve worked on issues and community care with a lot of them.

And as a borderline militant atheist, I commend these clergy for standing up to Trump better than most politicians have. If Trump chooses to go to battle with the clergy, he’s asking for trouble.


[ comment deleted since I screwed up and duplicated below]

It seems to me that the church is very much like the Democratic Party - a generally regressive leadership occasionally broached by individual leaders who demonstrate progressive values on a few selected issues (e.g. Pope Francis) but also with some very progressive individuals at the rank-and-file level (e.g. those that embrace liberation theology like you mention).

Agreed, but I don’t expect it in a big way. The President generally chooses his battles only where he thinks he can win the propaganda war - since his only true philosophy is protecting his brand


I grudgingly respect his ability to rein himself in and re-target strategically when he’s being egged on. Nonetheless, I still advocate for pushing his buttons to probe his soft spots – he just cracked under the pressure of being exposed as hiding in his bunker, for example.


People seem to have a penchant for the macabre. My mother lived by the catholic church dogma and cried at the beauty of Handle’s Messiah and she read nasty crime murder magazines which contained lot of photographs of the scenes.
Certainly the mass media are taking advantage of this darker side of humanity when they use propaganda to sell violence and hate.

“The Dominator/Elite way of our culture must be completely changed to one of equality and partnership.” This is true but requires an equally strong peace anti-war force to change the pervasive messages of the mighty military. And now is the time to use the example of the oosa government willing to shoot the citizens who are demonstrating against the oppressive actions of the government. Until most everyone understands our history it is not possible to change the ethos of the country. More education is needed.


The Atlantic has an article about this episode called “The Christians Who Loved Trump’s Stunt.” It points out that his base is just like him. They are religious in name only, and are more interested in white power. That’s why they love him and his stunts.


Dr. Carl Jung explained the Shadow, the part of our psyche that contains the part of us drawn to not doing good. I hesitate to use the word evil, because the Shadow is also the source of our creativity and helps us examine the roots of empathy and compassion. David Ricco wrote an excellent book titled Shadow Dance.
I can relate to your mother’s actions. I have every season of Dexter and Breaking Bad. It doesn’t mean I want to become a serial killer or drug dealer; it does mean I want to see their motives.
But our current culture in the Sociopath Nation is beyond the Shadow. Jung would call it evil, as would Freud. He would go so far as to say those in power have a death wish so overwhelming, they want to kill without reason, just to kill.
As for Handle’s Messiah…along with Bach St Matthew’s Passion…their beauty overcomes the ugliness of our age.


This guy had a hit TV reality show that ran for years with millions tuning in to watch each and every week to see who Trump would fire.

He used that popularity generated from that show to help him beat one Hilary Clinton for President. The best the Democrats could apparently offer was beat by a Clown , a buffoon , an asshole , a jerk a narcissist, a fascist and an “awful man” all in one.

It claimed in the USA that there so much freedom that “anyone can be President”. Maybe a rethink needed as to whether or not that a good thing.