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'Enshrining Apartheid Into Law,' Israeli Legislature Approves Bill to Become 'Nation-State of the Jewish People'


'Enshrining Apartheid Into Law,' Israeli Legislature Approves Bill to Become 'Nation-State of the Jewish People'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The Knesset, Israel's legislature, provoked immediate outrage early Thursday when it passed a controversial law that critics within and beyond Israel have denounced as "an apartheid bill." It proclaims "the state of Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people" and "the actualization of the right of national self-determination in the state of Israel is unique to the Jewish people."


More fake news. The creation of a “Jewish State” in 1948 made all non-Jews second-class citizens and formally non-personed the Palestinian people and their national and cultural identity. Zionism IS racism and Israel has always been an apartheid state.



"We hated (and miss) what the Nazis did so much that we’ve become them!" – Israel


Here are some fascinating comments from a senior Israeli politician about Israel’s recent treatment of Gaza residents:

When a nation refers to killing and wounding Palestinians as “mowing the grass”, what else would we expect.


One time I commented on a different article and a progressive Jewish person said not to label Israel as a Jewish state, since people like him (a small minority, btw) are against that idea. I think it’s time everyone recognizes the racist and unjust nature of Israel.


Anyone who doubts that this is just the next step in the formation of “Greater Israel”, that is the ejection of all Palestinians from all of Gaza and the West Bank, needs to go to YouTube and watch Abby Martin’s teleSUR video on the history of Palestine and Zionism. It lays out the entire scope of everything in one 22 minute package. One should also note that YouTube/Google is now labeling teleSUR as a propaganda tool of some South American countries, like they have been forced by the State Dept. to label RT as a propaganda tool of the Russian government, which I don’t think Thom Hartmann, Lee Camp, Chris Hedges, or the late Ed Schultz would consider themselves or their shows on RT. Trying to tell the real truth of western imperialism and hegemony in the media can be fatal, both corporately and personally.


From Jewish Voice for Peace:

JVP Executive Director Rebecca Vilkomerson:
“This law is a reflection of what Israel is today: a state which denies the full and equal rights of many of its citizens while anxiously tightening its grip on its system of hierarchy and dominance over millions of people living under its control. In the name of maintaining a “Jewish identity,” Israel is institutionalizing discrimination, displacement and disenfranchisement.”
JVP Deputy Director Rabbi Alissa Wise:
“Today we put to bed once and for all the illusion that Israel is a democracy. The Nation-State bill that Israel passed today cements Israel as an apartheid state–from the West Bank to Gaza to Jerusalem to Haifa. Palestinians, no matter where they live, are controlled by an Israeli government and military that robs them of basic rights and freedoms.”


Disappearing Palestine and Palestinians –

PALESTINE existed when Jewish Refugees arrived there after WWII.

ISRAEL did NOT exist at that time and has only succeeded by violence with the cooperation and funding of the US/CIA.


“Artist United Against Apartheid” in South Africa founded by Little Steven Van Zandt of the E-Street Band ( Bruce Springsteen’s band) in the 80’s had a powerful influence to end apartheid in South Africa. Now hopefully another “Artist United Against Apartheid” this time in Israel, hopefully, can make a huge difference when absolutely nobody in show biz travels to Israel to entertain these cruel evil ones behind these violent evil ways happening in Israel. Or better said, “PALESTINIAN HOME LAND!”


Natanyahu and the 72% of Israeli’s who voted for him are a disgrace to humanity.


Somehow i doubt this will stop them from pretending that they are the victims in all this.


Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) is an effective tool against the Zionists apartheid state.


Shame on Israel! And Netanyahu is a bully!


I assume something like this will be coming here in the not too distant future if Trump and the Republicans supporting him cannot be stopped. Rather than a Jewish state the US of course will be declared a Christian state. My guess is millions of Americans wrongly think it already is and to them the Democrats (aka, atheists) have willfully tossed Christianity out of government.


Moon of Alabama continues with excellent foreign policy coverage

Israel Declares Itself Apartheid State

Each of these statements is followed by a short paragraph making the point

Today Israel declared itself to be an apartheid state:

The new law has constitutional status:

The law stipulates segregation:

Israel has never defined its borders. It has illegally taken ownership of all public land in the occupied West Bank. This land is then exclusively granted to Zionist settlers:

Is there a Buddhist people, a Catholic people? Do they deserve their own nation and land? No. Even the though of such is weird. Are Jews originating from Ethiopia, India, Lithuania, Iran and Poland a common race? Why then is there supposed to be a ‘Jewish people’ as the new law stipulates?


The zionist state is an apartheid state and this codifies that reality! The o-called “Jewish” state has been built on racism, ethnic cleansing, brutality, murder of Palestinian men, women and children, committed crimes against humanity, and espouses a Jewish supremacist belief even more odious than white supremacists in the USA…they have a standing army armed with every weapon of destruction and that army - the IDF - is an extension and arm of the racism entrenched in that evil entity! Witrness the intentional murders of un-armed protesters - Palestinian, international and American that our government never did a goddamn thing to stop or criticize!.

Israel is a terrorist state waging war to take territory by force; an exception is the defeat in Lebanon when Israel tried to take Lebanese territory to the Litani River to steal their water…Palestinians have not for the most part been armed and were too weak to challenge the neo-nazi apartheid state, supported, armed, and funded by their partner in racism and atrocities, the US of A, led by a government subverted to the Israeli agenda over decades.

A shameful reality for the US to be a lap-dog sycophant to Israel from the WH to Congress to the media and further; our sovereignty coerced to the zionist agenda and out politicians all kiss Israeli ass as they demaen OUR honor supporting that evil entity at our great expense!

This trump regime is a stooge for Israeli expansionism and racism…but then the ginger pig is a racist in his own right…America makes a mockery of everything we are supposed to stand-for under this corrupt evil trump regime, especially their slavish Israeli ass-kissing!!

Zionism IS Racism! Smash Apartheid! Smash Zionism! BDS!!

https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/07/israeli-forces-deliberately-killed-palestinian-paramedic-razan-180717070735436.html Israeli snipers deliberately killed hundreds!


Until ONE State for both Palestinians and Jews is achieved, BDS!


No wonder Netanyahu and Trump are such good pals.


Trump’s biggest donor is Jewish. So is his son-in-law.


Well that does it. This can be regarded as Israel’s “Enabling Act” Israel is now a full-fledged racist state.