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Ensnared In Our Own Designs: Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot


Ensnared In Our Own Designs: Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot

In this season of renewal, some experts have begun pondering just how much of our only planet - victim of so much daily plunder and excess - can in fact be renewed. Their answer: Not enough. As part of the 2015 Global Population Speak Out campaign, three concerned organizations have created a stunning book of photos and essays to raise awareness of the crises we have created, and the way to shape a more sustainable future. Show it, they hope, and people will act.


Capitalism is about production, not population. The system would find a way to produce exactly the same tonnage of goods and emit the same amount of pollution in a world with a population of a few hundred million as in a world of 7 billion. Indeed, it IS only a few hundred million out of those 7 billion that are producing all the pollution!


As to the demise of the system - as to when or whether we shall see that - it will be up to us … We can wait around for its inevitable implosion, the problem with that is that by that time there will be little or nothing left to save, or we can make active efforts to replace it with a better one while there is still something left to save …


That’s untrue. Not a single human does not aspire to brush his teeth or swaddle his newborn in a disposable diaper. The ocean is floating with plastic toothbrushes and plastic liners. Most pollution in the third world, which is most of the world’s population, is cooking fires and consumer rubbish like plastic flip-flops and plastic water botttles. Most of the slash and burn depletion of the rainforest is carried out by billions of landless peasants who just want a clearing plot to grow a few crops.

Right now, my whole island is on fire since it is so dry. The poor are burning down all the trees and bushes to scare the pigs out for consumption. It’s going to look like Haiti in a few years. A bare scorched Earth due to nothing but overpopulation.