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Enstrictly Speaking, 2016 Could Be a Trailrazer


Enstrictly Speaking, 2016 Could Be a Trailrazer

Emily Schwartz Greco

My 9-year-old daughter hunkers down for hours with the Warriors books. She’s on her fifth run through the dozens of tomes in this series that our local libraries keep handy about clans of cats who want nothing to do with people. Poring over them does wonders for my daughter’s vocabulary, but I could do without the occasional hissing and other feline habits she’s acquired.


Trumpalist is good but I will continue to use reptoxicon to describe our republican elected terrorists as
Republican + Toxic + the 'Con' they use on all of us seems to fit the bill better for me. :smiling_imp:


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What a good article to end the year on. My girlfriend who died Jan. 2 of this year, and was a serious wordsmith, ate this kind of intellectual curiosity stuff up. And, she was a serious Scrabble player too. The Germans , she was also German, have come up with a new word to describe some of Angela Merkel's behavior. They call it Merkeling. The Dec. 21 issue of TIME magazine is mostly about her: TIME mag. choice for Person of the Year. She is a very interesting person and female, and, is in my opinion an excellent choice for that award.


I like, and agree, with everything you write except that a writer for CommonDreams is an elite - as a freelance writer myself, I am not an elite nor are any of the other freelance writers I know elites in any sense of the word. Sure we used to get paid a bit for our work, but like most other workers our work is worth far less than it used to be as well. Just look at the situation adjunct professors are in these days, with most in poverty and on foodstamps. The sooner we stop making assumptions about each other and realize we're in this together the sooner we will attain the kind of solidarity we need to get Bernie elected and together undo the damage of the GOP and the GOP Lite Dems have done.

Should the GOP or the GOP Lite for that matter, win in November, I'll sell my bicycle and everything else I own and move to Cuba, myself.


I nominate "Trumpit". It sounds like a loud wind instrument, which would describe Trump the man and his followers both. As well, it combines 'Trump' and 'pit', describing succinctly where the man and the followers will drag the US if allowed to.