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Entering a 1984 World, Trump-Style

Entering a 1984 World, Trump-Style

Michael T. Klare

The pundits and politicians generally take it for granted that President Trump lacks a coherent foreign policy. They believe that he acts solely out of spite, caprice, and political opportunism -- lashing out at U.S. allies like Germany’s Angela Merkel and England’s Theresa May only to embrace authoritarian rulers like Russia’s Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

This reminds me of a shirt I ordered from WikiLeaks:
“1984 in not an instruction manual”
I have to shout out an apology to a junior high teacher I had. I argued with her that this could never happen in the US. Sadly you were right. I expect, if she’s still alive, she’s not reveling in her win.

Trump is for white nationalism and against globalization. And this view is also strongly emerging in Europe. The goal is rather than all the racial mixing as is currently going on, particularly in liberal democracies, the races would be better of separated. It is a racist view. Trump has made bogus statements about the US declining. But he is working to weaken the US by undermining support for science. The US is what it is because it has been the leader in science and technology. His goal is to establish a white-dominated country with which poorly educated. Also he is aiming for widespread poverty by embracing the libertarian policies in which almost all wealth will flow to the few. He is also attempting to destroy civilization by pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord and promoting more fossil fuel production, the main driver of climate change. It is hard to see any motivation in Trump other than destruction for the sake of destruction. He has clearly set the US on a course of ruin and there is a good chance his policies to destroy democracy in the US and his policies based on racism will set off a civil war.