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Entertainers Balk at Performing for Trump Inauguration


Entertainers Balk at Performing for Trump Inauguration

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

After at least one member of the Radio City Rockettes publicly voiced her "embarrassment" over being forced to perform at the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump, the troupe's owner on Friday appeared to back-pedal, saying participation is "voluntary."

"I usually don't use social media to make a political stand but I feel overwhelmed with emotion," performer Phoebe Pearl wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post on Thursday after the group's participation was announced.


There must be plenty of country music stars from the rural areas that supported Trump who would perform although is says Garth Brooks declined. Maybe he can find a jug band from the mountains of Kentucky that would perform. There has to be some Trump supporters with musical talent.


Wouldn't that be great, the presidential inauguration and no one shows up!
Another first for America.


Hey, Drumpf could always get Ted Nugent. Birds of a feather!


The ACLU is gonna get pretty busy pursuing lawsuits against all these persons and entities refusing service based on political affiliation.


My guess is the majority of bluegrass artists in this country, hillbilly or otherwise, are not fans of Trump.

He would be much more likely to secure the annoying formulaic "country" song writer Garth Brooks than those hillbilly artists you allude to.

Ted Nugent is probably already signed up, to cover the Rock and Roll Trumpers' entertainment wishes.


Funny, I saw your comment after mentioning good old redneck Ted myself.


Read very attentively what Dolan wrote. The presumption that tacit coercion is virtually a given like the organ of gender.

To wit - essentially saying - 'I will not let you have a job if you express any opposition ("boycotting") to my political coercion of your political perspective whenever and at any time you feel it to be of importance ("invalid") on dancing under my employ for a president's inaugural party.


Sadly, when I lived in Kentucky, virtually all the performers at the annual Lexington old time fiddlers convention came from Michigan. The descendants of the central Appalachian people who migrated up there to work in the automotive plants - and a colony of musicians in the DC area - keep the art form alive. But nobody in WV or Kentucky or Western Virginia does that kind of stuff anymore. Can you even find a violin, banjo, mandolin, or Appalachian dulcimer at Wal Mart - which is to say - anywhere in West Virginia at all?

It's pickup trucks, "quads", shooting deer and leaving the woods full of beer cans and litter in the late fall, and that's about it.

All the traditional culture and crafts of the Appalachians from old time or bluegrass music to quilts to moonshine whiskey are pretty much dead. They listen to that awful crap that is called "country music" nowadays.


"[B]ut there is no room for this in the workplace.": Unless they are the politics of your boss.


Perhaps the Rockettes could show up and just stand still on stage...no kicks, just one-finger salutes. There are drugged out, down-and-out hard rock bands galore they could reach out to who would perform with their fees being a fix or two. How about all those "scary clowns" populating the streets during T-dumps rallies...they would surely appeal to the t-dumper crowd. With the projected $75 MILLION being spent, they could recruit any number of T-dump voters to come up and do target practice with their AR-15's along with a 21-gun salute to wow the crowd.

Where's Kanye when T-dump and the party planner, Barrack need him?

Where are all the T-dump Vegas show girl connections? Oh, forgot, he cast them all off when he was finished with them.

I applaud all the CLASS ACTS/PROFESSIONAL PERFORMERS who have declined to perform during the crowning ceremonies.

T-dump; ya get what ya give out, putz!


Sad. I know there was some downhome pickin and singin in Winter's Bones. And a great CD I was given recently is Southern Journey: Tribute to Alan Lomax.



I don't know if you read any of my posts, detailing what are fond memories of experiences I had with the hillbilly side of my family, on my Dad's side.

My "Grampy" would take me to hootenannies way out in the sticks, at farm houses where the furniture was cleared to form a stage, for hours long continuous bluegrass jams. Grampy would take his place on stage from time to time with his beloved fiddle. Although he could play the banjo, it was his fiddling that would bring applause.

He would let me sip a little of his Falstaff beer as a youngster but tell me "now don't let your parents know I let you".

He was a hoot. With only a 6th grade education, he could beat anyone at scrabble because he had an obsession with reading and memorizing words and correct usage from his unabridged dictionary that sat on his desk.

His use of hillbilly vernacular mixed on occasion with some "highfalutin" words, was entertaining and bizarre.

He would collect greens in the forest, berries, knew countless springs to collect water and gather watercress for salads, and was an avid gardener so as he would say "I never want to starve to death".

The depression era obviously had a lasting effect on his worldview, as he would bring home the smallest perch he would catch from the various creeks and rivers in the Ozarks, and continued to on occasion bring home a squirrel.

My dad would scold him for hanging out with his moonshine buddies, and occasionally bringing a big glass jar full of it home with him, telling him that someday "he is going to blow the house up".

He was definitely one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. A lowly hillbilly!


Well, it's Kid Rock and Ted Nugent that have agreed to perform. Scraping the bottom of the has-been entertainers barrel. They agreed, but speaking for KISS, Gene said no thanks, we are on tour.


I'm really fed up with the stereotypical notion that all Kentuckians are barefoot and ignorant! Would you generalize about Californians and New Yorkers in the same derogatory manner? Enough!


Surely it cannot be part of the job prescription of members of the Radio City Rockets to perform for a sex offender and thus expose themselves to his "grabbing routine".


Garth has refused to go as far as I heard


Did you ever come to Berea, or Lexington, Paducah, Owensboro, Louisville, Danville, or other communities that are keeping the old traditions---including mountain music---alive?


Good to hear.


Obviously not all people in Kentucky are ignorant. But the state did vote for Trump. I would say that shows ignorance, at least when it comes to casting ballots. California went overwhelmingly for Clinton. And New York also went big for Clinton. The election results say it all.