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'Entire Western US on Fire' as Region Faces Deadly Flames Compounded by Heatwave, Blackouts, and Coronavirus

Better metaphorically “blind” than literally uninhabitable, pacifists.

Pacifism isn’t going to solve Fascism - sorry.

It dawns on me that many - if not all - of the “progressives” that i have encountered didn’t genuinely believe their own rhetoric.

They would say that the USA was becoming a Fascist country - or already was - they would call cops “Fascist pigs”… And then they’d simply blink.

“Peaceful protest” is little more than intellectual virtue signalling in a Fascist country, pacifists - radical action is what was called for. Now, it’s too late - the Fascists control everything, including many of our fellow citizens’ minds. Meanwhile, the climatological Abyss gallops ever closer…i know the nature of humans, their desire for expedient “solutions.”

i say again: if you are not prepared to lay your life on the line for people you’ve never met & who look nothing like you…then you are not - and never were - a “progressive.”

Wasn’t it Nietzsche who said something to the effect of “Very few people have the courage to match their convictions”? That quote has always made me think of all the Virtue Signalling “Progressive” Pacifists giving ground to Fascism over the past century.

Why so soft? Thus i ask you: for are you not - my comrades? Why so soft, unresisting & yielding? Why is there so much denial & abnegation in your hearts? So little Fate in your glances?

And who can blame you? I was remembering a homeless man when I lived in Manhattan who has left two images that have been seared into my memory and which I converted into a large woodcut: He was sleeping on one of the city’s cold pavement with the plantar surfaces of his feet all bloodied and had made a sign which he placed next to his feet. I read: Jahweh said We Suffer Because We Lack Knowledge. These images have been revisiting me as of late…A hug and love to you for having so much heart.


I wonder if this is the first of the seven angels warnings in the book of Revelation in which 1/3 of earth’s trees burn?

Revelation 8:7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

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The Fire Next Time…Many Indigenous holy people foretold this end to the Europeans. All of them have legends of sheltering in the ground, whether it’s the Hopi, Zuni, Lakota, or the eastern tribes, and then emerging into a transformed world that they had to rebuild. All of them also had a holy figure, whether Zuni or White Buffalo Calf Woman, who gave them instructions on how to rebuild and the sacred ceremonies necessary to continue the Web of Life. Then there are the Dogon people of West Africa with similar legends. In their case, they stayed in a shelter where they could see Sirius B.
What if a literal firestorm jumped the Rockies and took root in the Plains, sweeping as a prairie fire from the Canadian Prairies to Texas…jumping the MIssissippi…you can finish the story for yourself. I’ve already done it in the form of a novella titled Election Day 2020…


Ever the optimist Alan. (And i mean that in the nicest possible way.)



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Well so long and thanks for all the fish.


That happened with the Australian fires too. Strange colours in the sky.

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Shit does seem biblical…

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This horrible Bear Fire was going since the 18th, 98% contained, then the wind packed such a powerful punch it very suddenly exploded westward. Three dead so far, impinging on Oroville now. If the fire could be a threat to Oroville Dam, that whole town could be in double trouble.

The Bear Fire burning in Northern California exploded Tuesday night and into Wednesday, destroying the rural Berry Creek community above Lake Oroville in Butte County, and prompting evacuation orders for at least 20,000 people lower down the hill in the Oroville area and surrounding towns.

Berry Creek, a secluded rural area of about 1,200 people, was in ashen ruins Wednesday, hours after a midnight firestorm and frantic evacuation.

“I’ve only seen three homes left standing,” said Sacramento Bee photographer Jason Pierce Wednesday afternoon, reporting from the hill town. “Dozens of houses and businesses are destroyed. Every house is just dust.”


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Not shown much in the news, but here in Albuquerque where I am now there was a big fire in Santa Fe causing smoke and low visibility all the way down in Albuquerque yesterday.

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Damn near was burned out on Labor Day. Hurricane force winds howled in from the north and n/e right through the new idiots who bought the property 1/4 mile up the hill to the north (next to my longtime retired biologist neighbors) and has been clearcutting all the freaking trees for five weeks, and of course what is left could not stand up to 70mph winds. Down came some of what was left and one took out their power line about 2pm. Nobody knew about it, not even them (freaking clueless geeks didn’t go LOOK?) until the smoke started reaching for the sky about 4pm and I heard a fire truck go screaming past and stop within hearing. Boy does that give a clutch to the throat let me tell you… My neighbors called (we have landlines) freaking because they could see the flames across the creek from their property and we were all downwind, and the power line was whipping and arcing and starting new fires but there wasn’t a single power crew left to come turn it off and the fire trucks couldn’t get near it. We had no warning, power had been out for hours here, and the fire crew couldn’t get near the multiple fires started by the damn thing because they didn’t want to fry.

Literally a couple minutes before it was going to burn through my neighbors and then me…when another monster gust blew some other part of the system down elsewhere and shut off the electricity to the downed line and the three trucks and crews charged it.

My neighbor across the road told me yesterday that his friends the firefighters said there was no reason it didn’t rip through us at 50mph, it should have, and they were scratching their heads in flat out amazement. They’d never seen a fire act like this in dry brush and timber. EVER!

We would NOT have gotten out. We all would have burned to death Monday afternoon. Loki was playing some jokes on us I think…

Guess it wasn’t time to die Monday. A friend’s father burned down the same day across on another ridgeline…



please stop with the 2050 shit . .we ain’t got 10 years. . .

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I am having trouble reconciling the PM 2.5 reports from San Francisco with some of the images I am seeing Aleph ?

Here in Calgary we experienced terrible conditions a few years back, with PM 2,5 recording 300, 400, and for a bit over 500. Let me tell you that was a bad time, and it catches everybody.s attention !

This series of four images from Germany’s DW are definitely surreal - yet the PM 2.5 - is it really only at about 100 ?

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Fat chance of Joe’s Clean Coal, frack baby FRACK (Crack baby CRACK) back yard NUKES… platform. He’s DNC’s top sekrit & nuanced plan to reinstall Trump & feed off us ALL.

Sarandon noticed Joe’s website BADLY needs updating, you can probably guess the rest? Almost as if they’re trying to…

~https://mobile.twitter.com/SusanSarandon/status/1303806505758662656 (we don’t need no steenkin…)




The air-quality figure is for the air down here on the surface, which has been unpleasant but not hazardous for us in Richmond over the past few days. The incredible pall of heavy smoke is up there at 3,000 feet. Meteorologists said a foggy marine layer works like a membrane to keep the smoke from sinking.

This morning is a replay – so far it just looks like extremely heavy fog, but it should be getting lighter than this by now. Now, with the sun up, our sky morphs to heavy yellow fog. The pattern seems to carry especially heavy wind early in the morning, and they say Paradise is threatened again this morning.

Speaking of excess fuel (Chris Hedges):

The tinder that could soon ignite widespread violent conflagrations throughout the United States lies ominously stacked around us.


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He is still blaming lack of raking the leaves. He blames everything and everybody. He takes no responsibility for anything. Why IS he president? Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. Mark Twain

Thanks for that - and thanks for the Hedge’s piece, which I am about to read !

PS: Just got an ENSO update:

La Niña conditions are present and are likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere winter (~75% chance).