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'Entire Western US on Fire' as Region Faces Deadly Flames Compounded by Heatwave, Blackouts, and Coronavirus

Thanks for that - and thanks for the Hedge’s piece, which I am about to read !

PS: Just got an ENSO update:

La Niña conditions are present and are likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere winter (~75% chance).

OK - just read this piece by Chris Hedges.

Couple of thoughts:

Hedges speaks of an “emotional void”.

I knew a woman on the US east coast who spoke of a ‘hole in the soul’. But she was a successful woman, had a career, owned property, was an extremely good athlete, a runner and wind surfer…

So I wonder where this emotional void, this hole in the soul, really comes from ?

Civilization has not civilized us - rather it has substitutes - and most of them are wanting.

Some people, unsatisfied with this state of affairs - seek to rid ourselves of these substitutes - and opt for something real.

Naturally I think - it is possible to overdo this.

But until we find more empathy - or build a society where this is the norm as one matures - we will continue in our headlong run to the cliff’s edge.

I always find Hedges ability to write very powerful - but I agree with only some of his conclusions.

He is seeing things from his own well of experience - but there are other wells of experience, some of them equally valid.

A big topic - but I felt like saying something.

It’s been absolutely nasty here for days now after the Oregon fire plume poured into these mountains. I’m under a Red Flag potential catastrophic wildfire conditions due to low humidity and an extremely dry forest. Along with the Hazardous Air Quality Alert of unhealthy air full of particulate which is layering the roofs. I see pieces of burned forest floating in the air like a tiny-particle snowfall. Very little wind so it’s drifting around due to being so lite. Wearing safety goggles to keep it out of my eyes and an N95 mask to go outside. Not doing much of that.

Keeping in the 4-legged, also. If it isn’t good for my lungs it certainly can’t be with their smaller lung capacity!

Temps have dropped 20 degrees since it rolled overhead on Thursday, and now it’s extremely thick. From mid-90s to low/mid 70s the next day. Big drop! We’re pretty dang chill at night now, too. It caused the first frost a few days ago. Today the Sun is a blurry red/orange tiny orb that is glaringly bright to look at. Hurts the eyes like a grow light.

Since I can’t rake any leaves yet, should I go rake needles and pine cones? Can I ask for Trump supporter volunteers because 8 acres is a bit much for me… Hey, maybe Trump will send some of those patriotic militia to help rake the forest around me because after all Trump suggested it…think I should give him a call and ask?