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'Entirely Predictable': Most Americans Say They Are Not Seeing Paycheck Boost From GOP Tax Scam


'Entirely Predictable': Most Americans Say They Are Not Seeing Paycheck Boost From GOP Tax Scam

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The #GOPTaxScam is living up to the moniker it earned from critics last year, according to a new poll that shows the majority of Americans are not seeing paycheck increases from the plan that Republicans forced through Congress in December.

"This was entirely predictable—despite Republican claims to the contrary last year."
Helaine Olen, Washington Post


Well you should have gone and asked the billionaires, they would tell you their income has gone way up.

Everyone knows who benefited from the new tax cuts. My only question is how long and how much can they take from the people before the people say no more. The apathy and ignorance of the American people is astounding. It is my belief that America won’t do anything until actual hunger sets in. That is how bad it will have to be before Americans address what should have been addressed decades ago.


Not sure anyone ever believed the opposite. Lots of hype from the shills in congress but I never heard anyone really crowing about the money they were going to be getting. People just standing quietly in line waiting to be fleeced.


Last month the Democratic leadership said that if they control Congress in 2019, they’ll rollback the tax cuts for the top income earners. Well, that leaves them open to the charge of increasing taxes on working classes earning less than 70K, or so. If these reports are accurate, anyway.
That’s rather odd as a campaign tactic to win back the disaffected working classes.

Instead of this garbled messaging they should try something quite novel: telling the truth for a change. That a major tax overhaul is necessary immediately and that includes DoD budgets, ending subsidies to the Oilygarchies, Big Pharma and a whole host of other steps to bring sensible fiscal policy back into the discussions.
FYI- A deep look into the building boondoggles going on in Guantanamo currently is a great education tool. The U.S. is spending $ millions per prisoner to house 41 supposed bad guys. They’re also building a $200 million dollar hospital for 50 or 60 people. Absolute insanity.
There’s a lot more to the Guantanamo debacle and $$$Billions are being skimmed to folks ( including Cuban exiles ) who hang out at Mar-A-Lago. :wink::wink::wink: Always be following the $$$.


Well, if we just let free market forces work without hindrance from the federal government, I’m sure this will all work itself out. These lazy working people need to get another job and quit whining about the success of those who own everything.


Surely, you must be being sarcastic…


Quit calling him Surely.


The despised and depraved sheriff of Rottingham “trump the mental”, takes from the poor and middle classes and gives to the rich - lies and deceit his MO, and crony lackey henchmen (and women his gang! Nothing “merry” about those scum…


I know, it’s hard to tell these days, for sure. Um, yeah.


“Most Americans Say They Are Not Seeing Paycheck Boost From GOP Tax Scam”

… what? … why, how? … who? … but … I … they … _Whaaaaaaaaaaaa??? …

… well, I certainly didn’t see this coming … much …



see my post


I haven’t seen a penny of this money.


I was friends with and worked for a man named Shirley. His last name was a common contraction of Dorothy. And, you think you got it rough.


You mean we should learn how to manipulate the profits that the majority people earn and the rich crooks are doing? Not one of the multimillionaires or billionaires actually earn but a fraction of what they take for themselves.


I didn’t get a penny with all of the high prices, the COLA was $20 the same amount the rent was raised. This after a $3 COLA last year and no COLA 3 out of the 5 previous years. Cost of living going up just a fantasy I guess.


No argument here. I’m sick of this world’s injustice and hypocrisy, sick
of working for wages, sick of watching lazy ass rich people luxuriate in
their ill gotten gains, taking it all for granted, and disdaining all
the “little people.” The time is coming soon, when they’re going to have
to pay the bill.


Thems tough words Raven.

Keep speaking them.


How could anyone expect a different outcome. None of the Republican’t tax “reforms” have ever been enough to cover a tank of gas twice a month. Ya see the working class doesn’t need more money they need more work to be successful. The “Job creators” need these cuts so that they can invest in infrastructure that will lead to full employment with work for everyone. If you gave substantial cuts to the general population they would only waste it on housing, food, and dependable transportation to get to a job. More better to give these breaks to the rich. Forget that high tax rates on upper incomes made it smarter to reinvest in the company to avoid paying high taxes.


Now you got it the cost of living doesn’t go up, money is just worth less.