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Environmental Activists Continue to Face Interrogations at US-Canada Border


Environmental Activists Continue to Face Interrogations at US-Canada Border

Adam Federman, Earth Island Journal

Three members of the radical environmental organization Deep Green Resistance and two other individuals were detained for more than seven hours at the Peace Arch border crossing between Washington State and British Columbia on their way to Vancouver to attend a talk by author and activist Chris Hedges last Friday, September 25. They were questioned about the organizations they were involved in, their political affiliations, and their contacts in Canada before being turned away by Canadian border agents.


They must be a very grave threat, I've never heard of them before though.

Think of all the people who've been killed by the environmental activists, then make sure you never compare that number to those who have been killed by the industrialists, or the police, or the military.

Keep your threats in perspective. The Greenies are the meanies!111


Radical environmental organization? They must be really, really, really dangerous!


"Welcome to the US Fourth Reich. Your papers please?"
* "Come with me."


Guess I need to see if I'll be allowed in or out now that I've been charged with trespassing at a nuclear sub base. I live only a few short hours from the Canadian border so could try for a nice overnight vacation.


In case you wish to bring your laptop:-
- Encrypt your sensitive data
- Put it the encrypted data in the cloud
- Erase it from your laptop
- Now you are ready for your laptop to be inspected at the border.