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Environmental Degradation Takes a Heavy Toll on Women and Children’s Health


Environmental Degradation Takes a Heavy Toll on Women and Children’s Health

César Chelala

In 1975, at the Mexico City First World Conference on Women, Vandana Shiva, the Indian scholar and environmental activist, introduced the issue of women’s relationship to the environment. At the time, concern was raised about the depletion of forestry resources and women’s role in agriculture, and a connection was made between the impact environmental development had on women.


The earth, Gaia, or Earth Mother is being poisoned in so many places. Naturally pregnant women are at risk. Just look at this latest gen-tech monstrosity set loose: the Zika mosquito.

No one knows if the mosquito is the true carrier of a pathogen that leads to stymied brain development in unborn fetuses, or if this is another example of the War on Life's Machinery at work-- whether in its overt form as the Military Industrial Complex, or in its more covert form operating as a war on nature executed through genetic mutilation of ancient lines of genetic complements... as opposed to any combination of DNA that could be FORCED together.

MEN have no business raping Mother Nature.

Where's the Christian Right on this? Perhaps if Monsanto and its war pals were exposed for what THEY are doing to the all-important sanctified fetuses, there'd be some MUSCLE in place to force this War Crimes Corporation to cease and desist.

Until then, any effort to avoid toxic substances which grow more pervasive by the day will be putting a finger into a dam ready to burst.

Fukushima, for instance, isn't in the news anymore and that leads many people into the false notion that all is well there. It is not. Some researchers view the situation as AN EXTINCTION EVENT in slow motion.

Sailors explain that there's virtually no life--no sharks, turtles, dolphins, birds--along the Pacific Ocean spanning from Japan to the U.S. Pacific Coast.

And there are die-outs of animals like seals, but no public official dares to connect the dots in any open manner so these losses are purposely NOT tied to Fukushima.

Horrors are underway. Yet to speak of them marks one as a "downer" or a "conspiracy theorist." Basically, Truth is now censored just as it was around Global Warming until now emerged on the cognitive radar, it may be too late to make the necessary remedial changes.


A very important analysis by César Chelala of the dangers of chemical exposure and corruption of "regulatory" agencies (where they exist at all) by the poison industry - the chemical conglomerate's ability to poison the Earth, Her air and water, and creatures great and small, including humankind with impunity is a crime - a crime with enormous implications and little but complicity from "regulators" and the "free market".

The crime is world-wide especially in "poor" nations where exploitation by big-money corruption buys silence from complicit officials and violence from corporate goons - where worker's lives are cut-short by greed and profits above all else.

As sure as bombs and bullets in war kill and destroy, so too do chemical poisons in agriculture and our homes - both crimes against humanity..........

The response this piece got from the CD community is very disappointing. The poison manufacturers, the farmers and corporations that spread the poison are given a free-pass to kill and condemn the workers of the world to death and disease by people turning a blind-eye to the crime.