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'Environmental Heroes' From Around World Honored With Prestigious Prize



Great thanks to those actively engaged in doing things and in building the community needed for effective solutions. As the climate tips, consciousness is growing and we'll need that to adapt and save ourselves beyond the collapse of this unsustainable and destructive system.


I watched them all--inspirational stories of successes are something I, and I'm sure many others, desperately need. I noticed two commonalities in these stories--almost all were about water bodies, and all involved heroes who fought over a period of years to right an environmental injustice, and won. But they fought for years against collusion between their governments and corporations--all over the world, it takes a monumental effort--and luck--to merely protect the quality of the Earth we inherited. All over the world, governments are in collusion with corporations for the profit of the few at public expense. Somehow, we must overcome this larger challenge, or it won't marter that a few people with enormous effort had local wins.