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Environmental Official Shot Dead in Brazil as Attacks on Land Defenders Rise in Latin America


Environmental Official Shot Dead in Brazil as Attacks on Land Defenders Rise in Latin America

Nika Knight, staff writer

An environmental official well-known for his aggressive enforcement of deforestation laws in his city in the Brazilian Amazon was gunned down in front of his family late Thursday, city officials reported Friday.

Two men shot the official, Luiz Araujo, seven times as he drove up to his home, local police told the Associated Press.


More nonsense from Brazil. The place that the faux-Left likes to hold up as a workers paradise.
Everything would be just fine in Brazil if the faux-Left of center government hadn't been taken down by the stinking fascist Right in a phony political coup.
Brazil is run by a brutal Capitalist oligarchy and every politician in and out of government, Left and Right, is corrupt and belongs behind bars.
Talk about failed states.


So, Brazil has a bunch of Rhinestone Cowboys on the Faux-Left, too. Well, the first job of gov't is to maintain order and support the existing laws. Well, when the rich write the laws usually they're the only ones who get to break them, with impunity. This is why we have two legal systems, two financial systems, two of everything important. One for the rich and one for the rest of us. The best example, and they are endless, is the Texas murdering little snot who got away by using the " affluenza " defense. If that kid would of been white and poor or brown or black, et al: that little bastard would be in prison for 20-25 years and his parents would be walking around in barrels. The world's sickness is money and violence imposed by powerful elites who can buy everything that's for sale. And, today on a dying planet, everything and everybody is for sale, it seems. Heros are hard to find. So it goes...


These blood-thirsty bastards are so determined to take from the earth, that nothing will stop them-not even human life itself. The greed and ever growing desire for more resources by these cowardly, greedy "powers-that-be" will not stop until the earth is a barren wasteland. May the people who did this burn in Hell. Or maybe they should burn in Brazil, in the very fires they help start.


remember Dilma? and how eager Obama was to recognize the coup against her? remember Zalaya in Honduras, and haw Clinton and Obama loved the generals who staged the junta against him? Remember how those generals killed Berta Caceres? Isn't it strange how these neocons keep killing the Earth keepers?no it is not uncle sam has alway protected the corporate elite, no matter who they kill


It's obvious that the multi-national corps are behind the killings. The people who run the corporations/oligarchs are no better than the old style mafia, murdering activists if they don't get their way.