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Environmentalists Slam 'Climate Criminal' Rex Tillerson for Spreading More Lies During Testimony in Exxon Trial

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/30/environmentalists-slam-climate-criminal-rex-tillerson-spreading-more-lies-during

Whatever else Tillerson may have lied about, he was honest and accurate when he described his erstwhile boss, Pwesident Twump, as “a fucking moron.”

Credit where it’s due, and all that…


Tillerson has tried to rehab himself by slagging Trump, but he’s a criminal guilty of crimes against the biosphere and humanity.
He was a leader of Exxon’s climate denialism and other lies.
He should be imprisoned for the rest of his life, or drowned in crude oil.
Whenever I see him or even think of the oil industry, I’m reminded of the fantastic movie, There Will Be Blood.


There will be no progress of real importance until the relationship between representative democracy and capitalism becomes part of the trial.

It is my understanding that about 1962 then president Johnson received a climate collapse projection that was not far from what we are seeing today.

US representative democracy was designed to represent capital, the US government still gives multi billion dollar subsidies to oil corporations that mostly don’t pay income tax and has done nothing visible to halt global climate collapse.


More shameless energy cartel trash. I like the name that the Colbert show gave this environmental criminal - “Tex Drillerson”.


“I drink your milkshake!” Daniel Day-Lewis, as usual, was amazing.

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Excellent post. Well said.

Yes! That was Day-Lewis’ Hannibal Lecter role and he brought the character to life vividly.
“Bastard in a basket.”
That movie was based on a book called “Oil.”
I love how the cinematography shows oil exploration and drilling as ominous and demonic, and the faux preacher.

It goes without saying that anyone who worked for Trump is a criminal.


I had the extraordinary opportunity to work with NOAA back in the 80’s.
The primary differences between climate research scientists was of decimal points and magnitudes and additional factors to consider

Never was there a doubt that Global Warming was real

Yet every time a paper was published there was a corresponding white paper from industry hacks undermining and obfuscating.

Tillerson needs to spend his final days in prison for crimes against Humanity
Nuremberg still a prison?
Cause the company fits


When does Koch Industries get put on the stand for all of the lying and disinformation that they, and their so call think tanks have been spuing for years.
Their efforts make Exon’s work look minuscule!!


Yep! The “Founding Fathers” were the capitalist elite of their day. The Constitution (not the Bill of Rights) was written to protect the rich, white, propertied males. Seen the Commerce Clause as a prime example. The USA has NEVER been a democracy and never will be under the current Constitution and the Supreme Courts interpretations of same. Corporations are NOT people with “rights”, nor is Money “free speech” under the Bill of Rights.

None of these wrongs will be righted for the people or the environment until the Consitution is rewritten and the Supreme Court disbanded.

Massey is going bankrupt as of this writing and stealing the coal miners Pension Fund on their way out the door. Koch should be the next one in the dock.