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Enviros Brace for Trump Budget That Prioritizes Polluters Over People


Enviros Brace for Trump Budget That Prioritizes Polluters Over People

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Offering more evidence that President Donald Trump's budget is a multi-faceted blow to everyone but the one percent, the proposal to be unveiled Tuesday would reportedly slash funding for clean-ups at so-called Superfund sites—the vast majority of which are found in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color.


This seems to fit Trump’s dictator mentality of wanting to rule a county mainly to benefit himself and his family and his fellow 0.01 percenters. The people are seen a drain on his ambitions. Trump appears to be very disturbed by how much is done by the government for ordinary people. The concept of public service seems foreign to him. He probably cannot understand why anyone would want to serve the public.


But they, too have to breathe the air, drink the water, and eat the foodstuffs from the polluted soil/air/water. No amount of money will protect them from environmental and ecological destruction either here or abroad. Perhaps they can take a space vehicle to another planet???

T-dump is criminally insane!


And when people of color get sick there will not be healthcare for them either–clearly there is a death wish for them by an extreme, mean spirited Trump, Inc. The time draws near for total, Gandhian non cooperation.


What’s telling about all of Trump’s appointees is how they are coming in at exactly the wrong time (there’s never a right time for any of them) but the irony is how a no other time would cutting the EPA by 30% be so undesirable. We always need to increase it’s budget, but no time more so than now, MOST Americans seem way to detached from the urgency of this. We don’t have a second to lose. Just the incident in Flint demonstrates beside big picture stuff like climate change, we are falling to pieces in the U.S. on maintaining a livable ecosystem all across the nation. This President and those that do his bidding are socially insane. I really hope it does come back to them. They are murderers, and they know it.