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EPA Acknowledges Neonics' Harm to Bees, Then 'Bows to Pesticide Industry'


EPA Acknowledges Neonics' Harm to Bees, Then 'Bows to Pesticide Industry'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday published two bee-related announcements, but with both, say environmental groups, the agency has failed the pollinators.

One was its "Policy to Mitigate the Acute Risk to Bees from Pesticide Products." It states that the "policy is not a regulation or an order and, therefore, does not legally compel changes to pesticide product registrations."


This makes me want to cry. It also makes me wonder why we even bother to have an EPA if it won't do anything to protect the environment. We, and the rest of the world have known for years that neonics are killing off bees. For the EPA to come late to the table and acknowledge that, without doing anything to resolve the problem is nausea inducing. We treat bees as though they are worthless - the world would be just fine if humans died off. The decimation of bees is a problem.


Important information. Cf. Article in The Guardian 11 May 2016 "28% of US bees wiped out this winter, suggesting bigger environmental issues", and Commondreams.org article of 25 Nov 2014 "Experts Urge Federal Task Force: Listen to Science. Ditch Neonics", which states that "In a letter (pdf) dated Monday and sent to U.S. Department of Agriculture head Tom Vilsack and Environmental Protection Agency chief Gina McCarthy, the scientists write that documented bee declines 'are not sustainable,' and stress that the pollinators play a crucial role "in our agricultural system and economies." Beekeepers in the nation have been hit with average losses of nearly 30 percent for the past eight years, they write to Vilsack and McCarthy, who lead the months-old Pollinator Health Task Force."
And commondreams.org article of 17 Oct 2014 "EPA Analysis Evidence Notorious Neonics Should be Suspended, Watchdog Groups Say", stating that "The agency's [EPA] analysis, released Thursday, found that there was little to no benefit to using neonicotinoid seed treatments on soybean yields. Such neonic-treated seeds, first registered for use in soybeans in 2004, were applied on an average of 30% of soybean acres between 2008 and 2012, EPA states. The analysis notes that some growers report having difficulties in obtaining non-treated seed. It also states that 'much of the observed use is preventative and may not be currently providing any actual pest management benefits.'" Thank you commondreams.org for presenting this information. Your site is a valuable source for news that is often ignored or underreported; and your columnists often excellent.
When this article is read in combination with today's (13 Jan 2017) commondreams.org article "EPA Pick Pruitt's 'Radical Record' and Abundant Conflicts Probed by Senate Dems" Pruitt spent his time as Oklahoma attorney general launching multiple legal attacks against the EPA—seemingly at the behest of fossil fuel companies. by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer — the implications of this article on the EPA are very disturbing. Perhaps readers can urge their US Senators to reject Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as Director of the EPA.


Corporate fascism continues strong and free!!!!


This is yet another illustration of the failure of the neoliberal establishment, represented by Obama and his feeble, corporatist appointees, to protect the public interest. In the face of an incoming administration certain to be openly hostile to public health and environment protection, one would HOPE that the Obama administration would aggressively and swiftly do all that it can to take action against climate change, to protect pollinators and biodiversity and to otherwise protect public health and the environment. But no. He'll rest with a few largely symbolic moves, and nothing that the corporate giants wouldn't want.

I shall never forgive Obama for such failures; he of such natural capacities; .("To whom much is given, much more is expected." ) ;
he of such bold promises ( " Change We Can Believe In" .)

If there is a mass movement to counter Trump and the right wing, it must be consciously focused also on preventing a return to power of the neoliberal establishment that set the stage for such a radical rightward shift.


And just imagine, DT hasn't taken the oath yet. These decisions will likely be overturned for being too sciency.


Clearly, you lack an understanding of our law. It is regulatory law. One is permitted to do anything they can afford. Get a permit and regulatory law will decide how much you can poison other humans, and all other life forms without braking the law as long as you profit, carry insurance and provide a few jobs.

Of course, this will promptly kill the earth and all that lives on it. Do the right thing. Give nature rights. The right of life forms on earth to survive. Or get eaten by the rich after watching them strip from you everything you posses and defiling everything you hold dear.


Obviously the EPA doesn't know that and can't figure it out. Unfortunately, the damage caused by neonics will not only affect the bees, the idiots running the EPA, and all the rest of the clueless in government, we'll become the inheritors of the loss of food diversity and starve as well.


The epa is a puppet, it is on the take for decades! Honesty in government is looong gone!


It's the same for canola (rapeseed)

"Bare seed is rarely a choice.Most new varieties, especially hybrids with herbicide tolerance systems, are only available as pre-treated certified seed"


What is not addressed is that more and more farmers have abandoned crop rotation and simply grow the same crop on the same acreage year after year. Drive through central Alberta in late summer and you will see a virtually uninterrupted sea of yellow Roundup-ready seed-treated canola. It's no wonder that pests and diseases are a problem. It's not that farmers are so stupid that they have abandoned centuries of knowledge of the value of crop rotation. It's that most farmers are not making any money, just servicing a rotating series of loans, and feel that they have no choice to do otherwise.


Speaking as bee keepers in MO, the EPA has long been useless and now at a crucial time for pollinators they are beyond useless to detrimental.

Another bought and paid for organization that needs to be dismantled.


It is very likely to get worse now. Any beekeeper or farmer who voted for djt should be ashamed!


The purveyors of pesticides and herbicides are merchants of death, as much as armament manufacturers. It's a slower death,
but death nontheless. They have been poisoning s for decades (read Rachel Carson). It's about profits and shareholder returns,
don'tcha know.


Thanks for the information elliemae.


The insanity of capitalism based in personal profit while destroying nature marches on
with its suicidal agenda --

taking us all with along for the ride.