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EPA Chief and "Polluter's Tool" Pruitt Lied to Senate About Private Email Use


EPA Chief and "Polluter's Tool" Pruitt Lied to Senate About Private Email Use

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Scott Pruitt lied to Congress during his confirmation hearings when he said he had never used his private email account for official business while serving as attorney general of Oklahoma.

The revelations became public last week, but picked up traction on Thursday after Attorney General Jeff Sessions was also caught having lied during his testimony.


Lying to the Imperial Senate. I wonder if there enough Senators who care to do something about it?


I'm convinced that the more lies the Trump Administration tells, the happier his constituents are.


The MO of the entire trump regime is one of lying, deception, non-disclosure and restricting public access to critical facts! From refusal to release the draft of the "trump-care" scam, to "regulatory" agency secrecy, to trumps refusal to release his "smoking-gun" tax-returns, to all the other hidden agenda items, this regime will go down as the most destructive, extreme, and narrow representation in US history! NOT any way to run a nation!


We know that politicians lie, but the Trump.admin are the most blatant and aggregeous liars around.


a government of liars, bigots, nazis!


Man, this just keeps getting better and better. I've heard of slow motion train wrecks, but I have never actually seen one before.

Too bad the consequences are REAL for all of us and the fall-out will be toxic.


A liar who appoints liars. Who coulda' figured?


Our forebears/founders dream for America now made a mockery......."a country founded on the principles of knowledge, wisdom, and science", now ruled by narrow-minded ignorance, self-interest, greed, and exploitation. Truly sad.......

chptr 111


Tgis made think about Trump saying, "It's a witch hunt." I think he tweeted it or something. I guess Trump shouldn't hire witches :smile: D


We'll see what this country is made of. I mean, really, everyone lies, but to lie under oath about national security issues? What could possibly drive someone in a confirmation hearing to lie under oath about something so easily provable? I'm just going to dismiss out of hand the idea that he didn't realize he was lying or that that he didn't think there was a chance he would get caught. If either of these are true then he has no business in the job anyway. I don't even care if he met with the Russian ambassador or not, I care that he lied about it. If Sessions was willing to tell a calculated lie with so high a risk of getting caught, then there must have been something pretty substantial driving it.


Yes "Rowdy": One does wonder if there are senators who will (if they must) put country above party.


The swamp has become so infested that it may take a citizens' strike to get the attention of the legislators. At this point, petitions are viewed as worthless, phone calls are too numerous to count (let alone listen to), and confrontational town halls have sent our representatives and senators into hiding. Marches help create solidarity, but they take time to organize and plan. We are going to need commitments to shut things down until we get changes.


They probably emulate Don whenever possible.


Pruitt doesn't have to worry about anything. He's a Republican. The Republicans control both the Senate and the House. Nobody is going to challenge him. And he knows that.


I doubt it very much.


I hope the free press continues to investigate and expose the lies and the liars in this new administration. It is becoming more clear by the day who they serve. ALEC....the Petrochemical Industries. A polluter's tool indeed. Can just imagine how this lat are going to make America great again.`


Sweet and Merciful Jesus, what's going on here?

Ok, what happened to the party of State's Rights? (Yeah, we all knew it was a bunch of hooey anyway.)

This will quite literally mean more sick people, especially children and the elderly, which is morally reprehensible and financially unsound as well, as it will drive up health care costs.

Does anyone really think that the Republicans are going to get rid of the goose that keeps laying golden policy eggs? Not gonna happen.