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EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Met With Dow CEO Weeks Before He Tossed Out Chemical Ban


EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Met With Dow CEO Weeks Before He Tossed Out Chemical Ban

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Trump administration's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head, Scott Pruitt, sparked outrage in March when he rejected his agency's proposed ban on a pesticide shown to harm children's brains.


Trump’s Republican dog bites mankind’s young minds. I pray for some considerable improvement in the mental health and morality of our leaders, the sooner the better.


It just amazes me that an agency that makes its decisions based on scientific evidence (studies) and has a broad sweep to its mandate nationwide, has numerous employees and enacts regulations can be be reduced to the whims of one man who on his own say so can affect our lives and health without any checks or balances!

It’s like there isn’t a real EPA anymore. There is only Pruitt and whatever he alone decides then that is the EPA! Under Trump, our regulatory agencies are distributed like fiefs giving near autocratic power to department heads like Pruitt. How can one person wield this much power to be able to dismiss or ignore the science that his agency is built on?

One person should not be the whole agency. So if for example the parents of a child whose brain was damaged by this pesticide want to sue because this decision to approve the pesticide’s use should not have happened … can they then sue Pruitt who took it upon himself to approve the chemical or would he claim immunity because he technically is part of the EPA although he went against the agency’s recommendations?


If there is any justice (looking increasingly not) this trump regime and its corporate administrators charged with destroying everything in their paths, will face lifetimes in prison for numerous crimes against humanity, the Common Good, and common decency…pigs at the trough of wealth, eager to sacrifice anything and everything to further the greed, ignorance and criminal contempt for the lives of others and our Mother Earth to pursue their pathological very twisted vision of life and society.


Holy cow! There’s not even a care about the appearance of impropriety under Trump! Meet with the exec, change the rule. Make more kids brains weaker, thus getting more voters for Trump-like candidates in future. Oh, yeah, kill their health care, too.


If you know the history of this pesticide and how it got approved in the first place this is a long trail of perversion. There is new science that was published in Mother Earth News magazine along with all the associated journals. My point it is public knowledge, now all we have to do is encourage people to act in their own best interest.


Obviously, Trump & Company and their conservative sycophants have discovered a way to intake unpolluted and non-toxic water, food, and air that we are unaware of.

This is just one more example that proves conservatives do not value life … even their own.


Once again, there will be no values placed before bottomline market values, not humane, social, or environmental. Corporate profits first.


Because that one person is the chief of an agency which has the sole power to write and/or tear up, enforce or not enforce, all the regulations under the agency’s authority. Many people have the mistaken belief that the regulations come from bills passed by Congress - in this case the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act. But all the Congressional bills do is authorize and/or establish an executive-branch agency to write regulations within the broad, vague scope of the act and the agency’s interpretation of the act’s wording. This gives the cabinet Secretaries enormous power and very little accountability to anybody except the boss over them - the POTUS.

And there is nothing we as citizens can do about it - it is simply how the “strong chief-executive” form of government established by the (deeply flawed in my opinion) US Constitution works!

(Disclosure - I am a scientist/engineer for a federal regulatory agency…)

This is WHY up until November 2016, I denounced and denounced the “Never Hillary-Trump wont be so bad!” rubbish that dominated the comments here, tried again and again, to explain the dire implications of a Trump Presidency, Trump Cabinet, and Trump Federal Courts and the utter catastrophe it would be - imploring people that unlike any other past election, this was NOT the time to cast a “feel good” vote or a “protest” vote if you lived in one of the critical rust belt states. For my effort I was attacked and slandered - to the point that decided to change my identity - an identity that as of right now has been blown I guess…


Yup. That’s capitalism.


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:42818”]EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Met With Dow CEO Weeks Before He Tossed Out Chemical Ban – Andrea Germanos, staff writer
The Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head, Scott Pruitt, sparked outrage
in March when he rejected his agency’s proposed ban on a pesticide shown to harm children’s brains . . . Records obtained by the AP show that Pruitt had a 30-minute meeting with Dow CEO Andrew Liveris on March 9. That’s just three weeks before he denied a petition from two environmental groups, initiated a decade ago, calling for a total ban on the harmful pesticide [chlorpyrifos].  Dow ‘wrote a $1 million check
to help underwrite Trump’s inaugural festivities,’ [ according to the Associated Press] . . .
Just one more example proving that America is no longer a Democracy but a Corpocracy.  And don’t believe
for one second that Pruitt is ignoring the studies that show children’s brains are likely damaged by exposure
to chlorpyrifos – dumbing-down the next generation will fit in perfectly with Cruz and DeVos’ plans to create
a FunnyDementalist “Christian” theocracy here. Or should I say Christian Theo-Corpocracy?  (Corporations ARE people, after all – and since only Christians are REAL people, Corporations must be Christian, too!)


This is free market fundamentalism at work. The “free market” is a euphemism for anarchy, the absence of governmental authority over business. Once the slightest attention is paid to the ideology, it is apparent that republicans propose, by eliminating regulation of business (that is, there is longer any law that governs the behavior of business, and even worse, the people have no power to make law to govern the behavior of business), business is free to do whatever it wants, no matter the cost to society.

Let’s apply this ideology to everyone. What do we end up with? No law to govern human behavior. If you want your neighbor’s wife, kill him and take her. What law is there to stop you? In fact, it is even worse. Putting republican “principles” to work, the community has no recourse whatsoever to restrain such behavior. Thousands of years of human experience down the drain. But, we are FREE.

Republicans cannot distinguish between freedom and license. While the 99% must adhere to law or face severe consequences, business is free to kill, maim, and literally obliterate the Earth. The “free market” at work. What utter, utterly destructive and fatal rubbish! Republicanism, like Nazism, must be defeated (and I do not discount the republicans who now make up a large part of the democratic party). At least the Nazis were honest, unlike republicans, who disguise their contempt for life itself behind euphemisms to salve their consciences and deceive a gullible public into accepting their own demise.

The question becomes, what are the limits on our right to defend ourselves against such a deadly ideology? Do we bring a knife to a gunfight, or do we recognize that we are in a fight for our very lives and act accordingly? Are republicans correct in believing that we will simply accept any outrage, and line up, like sheep, as we are herded into the abattoire?


Pruitt the P r _ _ k now has the substantial down payment for either his mountain hideaway outside Aspen or Vail or his vacation manse somewhere in the Caribbean…which makes him and his family oh so very happy. Who gives a S- - t about the lives and well-being of the rest of the low-life humans that live paycheck to paycheck and cannot take their children (or themselves) to the doctor when suffering from the toxic effects of the foods they consume grown with pesticides and chemical fertilizers KNOWN TO CAUSE CANCER and pollute the soil and ground water; or eating genetically modified foods whose potential for harm when consumed by humans over time (how long and how much will never be revealed).

We are all just throw-aways without a second thought from the corporate criminals/thieves that the emperor has appointed to ALL cabinet positions.



Same here, but I am still firmly a kakistocratic underling in our ever-declining kakistocracy. I proposed that voting in a way to try to prevent Trump from ever being president was itself an act of conscience. The analogy for me was one of a Jew voting against Hitler. Where are the “Clinton would be as bad as Trump” crowd now? The only bulwark we now have against the barbarians of the right is public perception of just how rotten to the core republican legislation is. That, however, will not stop Trump from ardently trying to drag us into war with Russia and Iran (one of the biggest memes here was that Clinton would lead us to WWIII with Russia. Now that we are militarily confronting Russia in Syria and threatening further escalation of such confrontation, I wonder if the anti-Clinton crowd are celebrating their astounding foresight and reveling in their ideological purity, having salved their consciences at the expense of the world. Oh wait, do I sound bitter? Damn right! Now we have to live the bitter consequences.). So much for “Peace in Our Time”. The only silver lining to this is that republicans are so bad that they may ultimately self-destruct. The cloud is that we have to survive long enough to see the end of republicanism.


What is needed is a suit against the department head for non compliance with the mandate of the EPA (which was created by Congress or approved by). For Pruitt to ignore hard science and studies by his own agency’s scientists means that he is not following the guidelines set out in the EPA charter (?). The intent in establishing the EPA was not to have a one person agency but to provide scientific support for safety regulations.


Actually, anarchy/anarchism is…

"We want to introduce you to the principles, ideals and vision of social anarchism under a decentralized socialist society where voluntary relationships, cooperation and mutual aid replace domination, competition and coercion.

Social Anarchists advocate for society in which the working class community members collectively own the means of production and the distribution of goods and services for the benefit of everyone according to each individual’s own self-defined needs."

Source: http://www.beyondsocialism.com/

“Anarchism stands for the liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion and liberation of the human body from the coercion of property; liberation from the shackles and restraint of government. It stands for a social order based on the free grouping of individuals…”

– Emma Goldman

Source: http://www.legendsofanarchism.com/emma-goldman.html

“Anarchism, to me, means not only the denial of authority, not only a new economy, but a revision of the principles of morality. It means the development of the individual as well as the assertion of the individual. It means self-responsibility, and not leader worship.”

― Voltairine de Cleyre


If you want to know about anarchy/anarchism, talk to an actual anarchist – not a person or capitalist resource with an agenda against anarchism. Using a capitalist description of anarchy/anarchism is like getting information on atheism from a religious source.


Excellent post! Thank you.


Since back in the day we have helped spray Paraquat on marijuana and poppy fields in WAR AGAINST US ON DRUGS. Toxicity/symptoms: pain, swelling of the mouth and throat, GI symptoms, lung fibrosis, kidney damage, usually fatal. (it is used for suicide).

Recreational, or medical use which they knew would expose Americans to Paraquat . (OH, but DEA says No Medical Cannabis–a myth created by octogenarians just to get baked.)

But where would the money come from without wars?

We have polluted our entire planet with Human Waste (is there really any other kind?)

They simply care about money, but not even the general welfare of it’s citizenry, or the world upon which we live.

Capitalism, market based competitive economy, dog eat dog, is what we live with, and it is only 12,000 years old, which is why we cannot be smart enough to end wars against ourselves and the entire world, in every which way possible. We are literally ruling the planet with 12000 year old thinking.

We are simply reaping the rewards of traditional Americanism.


And I give you an A+ for that simile (sorry, old teaching habits die hard)


Yes, I presume lawsuits (which will drag on through the lawyers and courts for years) are the only recourse.